The Fair of the Popular Craftsmen, a feast of tradition

Already well-known amongst the people of Dolj, the Fair of the Popular Craftsmen returns this weekend to Craiova with a new edition, which will bring together over 70 craftsmen, in a celebration of the tradition and customs in Romania.

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The venue, "William Shakespeare" Square, will once again be the host of an unfolding of forces for the most skilled of the Romanian craftsmen from over 13 counties, who will bring, in Craiova, traditional clothing, religious icons, fabrics, traditional goodies, arrases, dyed eggs, braids and many more.

Beyond being an event with a big history, already in its 42nd edition, the Fair of the Popular Craftsmen is also a journey in time, of the customs, of the beauty and of the skills of the Romanian people, throughout time. True samples of patience and talent are hidden in the finely crafted objects, that seem to speak their own story, only known by them.

In addition to the exhibited objects, the visitors of the fair will be able to enjoy demonstrative workshops, from sewing, weaving, egg dyeing and wood carving, to painting on wood and glass. An experience that is more than welcome, both for the grown ups and for the little ones. And, in the end, what is more beautiful than seeing how art is born?

"We carry in ourselves the places and the things we live amongst", say the organizers of the Oltenia Museum - Ethnography Section, and they do say it well. Because each of the exhibited objects is a small part of what each of us is and a large part of the history of the Romanian craft.

Come to the fair too and rediscover the roots!

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