The „cule” of Dolj are reborn. Historical buildings come to life in the hands of specialists

History cannot be bought, but it can be invested in and, therefore, rehabilitated. And this is one of the most beautiful gestures one can make for the legacies that have remained in our care.

This is the case of the Izvoranu-Geblescu and Cernătești „cule” (semi-fortified, defensive constructions, which were witnesses of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and which are present, predominantly, in the hill areas of Oltenia), situated in the villages of Brabova and Cernătești of Dolj. The old buildings are rehabilitated with the help of two European funds projects that have a value of about one million euros. The „rejuvenating” work has been going on for some time and the buildings are beginning to reveal the impressive details of some built-up witnesses who have seen and lived in other times.

The rehabilitation projects, designed and accessed by Dolj County Council, are meant to highlight the beauty of these semi-fortified defence buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. The „cule” have witnessed the history of Oltenia, here being the area where they are most commonly found.
Cula Cernătești

The two old buildings are being worked on working with full respect for the old architecture, wanting them to represent exactly the testimony of a real history and of some architectural monuments that must be kept alive on our lands at any cost.

For you, we have also got some photos that show the course of the works and, at the same time, the fact that the spaces around the „cule” can serve as a context for workshops and for a multitude of activities for children, which will learn and grow with these reconstruction processes. 

The specialists from the Oltenia Museum also follow closely the course of these works and make sure that everything respects the story. Because it is a story that will go on with them, when the rehabilitated monuments will be introduced in a tourist circuit and will find themselves in the care of the Oltenia Museum.
Cula Izvoranu-Geblescu

That moment is not far away and we hope that next year, somewhere after its half, we will be able to see the impressive buildings revived in their true splendour.

In addition to the fact that the rehabilitation of these two important buildings means a repair of history itself, it also means the unification of communities around ideas, projects and histories, but also the rebirth of an unsuspected tourism in these areas of Dolj. 

More about these unique buildings in our county can be found here:
The defensive historical buildings from Dolj, given back to the public


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