The Romanian Book and Exile Museum, a few months until the inauguration. Almost 30 donated collections are in the institution's heritage

The Romanian Book and Exile Museum, hosted by the newly rehabilitated Dianu house, through the efforts of the Dolj County Council, is very close to being opened to the public. Only a few months separate us from the official inauguration, carefully prepared by specialists in the field.

A unique project and a commendable initiative now counts no less than 28 collections donated by writers, but also by Romanian artists who were in exile.

The most recent of these donations was made by the Craiova conductor Horia-Dinu Nicolaescu. Being in Craiova at the beginning of September, on the occasion of the Craiova Jazz Festival, he chose to donate to the Romanian Book and Exile Museum an impressive collection of press extracts, CDs and DVDs, posters, leaflets and programs of the performances that he held, as well as photographs, all important testimonies of his exceptional musical activity, carried out outside the country's borders, in Germany.

This recent donation, as well as 27 others, will be found, brought together, in the funds that will be exhibited at the new museum. We are talking about the collections "Basarab Nicolescu", "Leonid Mămăligă", "Arhiva Cenaclului de la Neuilly", "Archive of the HYPERION Association", "Mircea Milcovitch and Maria Meșterou", "Andrei Șerban", "Paul Barbăneagra", "Corneliu Șerban Popa" , "Vintila Horia", "Cicerone Poghirc", "Andrei Codrescu", "Victor Cupșa", "Constantza Buzdugan", "Bujor Nedelcovici", "Cezar Vasiliu", "Valeriu Veliman", "Mircea Eliade", "Emil Cioran" , "Ileana and Romulus Vulpescu", "Rodica Stănoiu and Șerban Viorel", "Academician Dan Berindei", "Academician Dinu C. Giurescu", "Ștefan Ștefănescu", "Romanian Institute/Romanian Library in Freiburg", "George Banu", "Nicolas Adam" and "Ion Deaconescu".

"In the heritage of the Museum of the Book and the Romanian Exile there is a real cultural treasure, not just a national one" 

The manager of the "Alexandru și Aristia Aman" County Library, which is in charge of this project, explained to Discover Dolj what the stage of the museum's preparation is, explaining that this means the return to Romanian territory of the works created by the valuable Romanians in exile.

"We are only a few months away from the inauguration of the Romanian Book and Exile Museum, a moment we are waiting for with emotion and impatience. The Romanian Book and Exile Museum is the largest project of the "Alexandru și Aristia Aman" County Library, a far-reaching, complex and innovative project, which has been intensively worked on since 2018 with the support of the Dolj County Council. The idea was born along the way, the founding stage in the direction of the establishment of the museum being the process of establishing the "Library of the Romanian Exile in Paris - Basarab Nicolescu", initiated in 2016, when the academician Mr. Basarab Nicolescu made a first donation to the library. The idea of ​​returning home, to Romanian territory, of the cultural works created by our valuable Romanians was met with enthusiasm by the cultural community, and in the following period we received numerous other donations. We are proud of the fact that, at this moment, in the heritage of the Romanian Book and Exile Museum there is a real cultural treasure, not just a national one, which will contribute to the reunification of our national culture. The team involved in this project is made up of professionals with a very good training in the field: museographers, librarians, documentarians and researchers. We are working at a fast pace, after rigorous planning, because this project represented a great challenge for us, which we embraced with enthusiasm", concluded the manager of the "Alexandru și Aristia Aman" County Library, Lucian Dindirică.

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