#VacationsViaCraiova. What we can see this summer traveling from Craiova International Airport

Craiova International Airport has seen a spectacular rise in recent years and is a strong point of the region, both in terms of business travel and vacation travel.

If you haven't planned your vacation so far, but still want to escape a bit from the area, even for a city break, we recommend some destinations in the cities with which Craiova has a direct connection.

The Dome and The Chocolate Museum in Cologne

The Cologne Dome is an impressive building, the largest church in Germany and also among the largest in the world, and is built in the style of Gothic architecture. In addition to its importance as a building, the Dome is also the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cologne. At the same time, the imposing building has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. And if you keep coming to the area, you can't miss a visit to the Cologne Chocolate Museum, a true visitable story of chocolate and what it meant and means to whole generations.

Highgate Cemetery in London

London's Highgate Cemetery is more of a park than a cemetery, given how many people visit it each year. Perhaps the biggest attraction here is the tomb of Karl Marx, one of the most imposing and robust in the entire park. Funeral works go beyond the emotional significance and are considered real works of art, which have managed to face the time barrier. In order to keep the places untouched forever, the cemetery officials let the earth move without intervening in statues or graves, which makes this place one where history can be observed as it is.

The ways of Rome that lead to Vatican

A visit in Rome would not be complete without a tour of the Vatican, a place that gathers between its borders superbe examples of art. St. Peter Basilica, the Sistine Capel, The Apostolic Vatican Library, but also the Vatican Gardens are just a few examples. The entire state of Vatican is included in the UNESCO list since 1984.

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid

Football fans must not miss a visit at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, one of the most famous football venues in the whole world. If you want to witness a real football history, this is the place to do that, considering that the stadium also hosts a museum of football.

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