Valimărescu House

Monument / Architectural attraction


Casa Constantin Vălimărescu, Calea Unirii 4, Craiova 200585, România


Constantin Vălimărescu House is a historical monument of local interest architecture, located in downtown Craiova, on Calea Unirii, no. 4.
The building is surrounded by other significant historical monuments in Craiova, including the Stoilov-Bolintineanu House, the National Bank of Romania - the Dolj headquarters and the All Saints Catholic Church.
The building dates back from the end of the 19th century (1892-1893) and was built by the entrepreneurs Costa and Nedelcu, according to the plans of the French architect Albert Galleron.
The building has four levels (basement, ground floor, floor and attic), a monumental entrance and a spacious courtyard with several access ways (pedestrian and car).
The main gate leads to the main entrance to the building, crossing the courtyard through a paved alley.


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