#TheDreamOfBrâncuși. The road from Hobița to Paris passed through Craiova

#TheDreamOfBrâncuși. The road from Hobița to Paris passed through Craiova

"To see far is one thing, to go far is another". These are the words of one of the most talented, visionaries and Romanian and Oltenian workers, Constantin Brâncuși, a god of sculpture, but also a revolutionary of it, who completely changed the face of the art of stone carving and more.

Born in Hobița, in Gorj county, in 1876, Brâncusi's path to what he became also stopped in Craiova, for four years, during which he was a student of the School of Arts and Crafts, where he began to train and master his unmistakable style.

His years spent here left a great impression on the Craiova community, which understood to honor and respect him to the height he deserves. Between 1899 and 1900, the Madona Dudu Craiova Church and the Dolj County Prefecture granted the young Brâncusi scholarships, so that he could attend the National School of Fine Arts in Bucharest.

In Craiova, the school where he studied today bears his name; the street of his school, which his footsteps carried every day between 1894 and 1898, is today Constantin Brâncuși street, and eight of his works are in the heritage of the Craiova Art Museum, within the "Brâncusi" Cabinet.

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In the vicinity of this museum, a few years ago, the Dolj County Council thought of a unique project in the world, of such a scope that we believe Brâncuși would be proud: the "Constantin Brâncusi" International Center, a work of art itself, dedicated to the sculptor and designed by the famous architect Dorin Ștefan.

A grandiose construction, worth about 5 million euros, above ground with a 12-meter glass prism, which contains large-scale interpretations of the Brancusi works "The Ovoid" and "The Masterly Bird", and underground with an impressive gallery, with workshops, performance halls, conference and exhibition halls, the "Constantin Brâncusi" International Center comes to complete, almost cyclically, the gratitude that Craiova and Dolj have towards the sculptor who worked tirelessly for his dream.

And his dream, as we see it and feel it today, is our dream, everyone's: that of overcoming our own limits, of feeling and living with joy, with creativity and with that sparkle that makes every person a special one.

Soon, we will all be able to enjoy this place, which was built for more than five years. We are only a few weeks away from the official opening and, frankly, we can't wait for the inauguration, to be a part, along with all those who will step on its threshold, of this unique, delicate, difficult, but so beautifully written story.

Stay with Discover Dolj to find out the story of the project and the date of its inauguration, when we will all enjoy #ADreamComeTrue.

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