#CornettiSchool, the place where students carry on the tradition

You see them everywhere in Craiova and Dolj, at cultural events: they dance, sing, paint, they are beautiful, they are proud of what they do and they know how to appreciate tradition, but also to respect the history that it imposes.

They are students of the "Cornetti" School of Arts, the first music education institution in Craiova, inaugurated in the autumn of 1911, by highlighting the generous donation made by the Elefterie Crăciun-Cornetti family and Elena Cornetti, born Zissi. 

School history

Elena and Elefterie Cornetti, nostalgic for the great patronage of the time, remembering the magnitude and inaugural significance of some royal gifts, left their entire fortune to the City Hall to establish a music education institution, as at that time there were only in Bucharest and Iasi. In the autumn of 1911, the "Elefterie and Elena Cornetti, born Zissi" School of Music opened its doors in a festive setting.

Starting with only six classes and a few hearty teachers, the school has expanded its scope over time, including the visual arts, theater, choreography, photography and cinema. The number of classes and the number of students has grown steadily, so that today hundreds of students complete their artistic education at the "Cornetti" School. 

Matters of grace and craftsmanship

The educational offer of the "Cornetti" School is extremely rich, among the subjects studied in it there are graphics, painting, singing, folk dance, the study of musical instruments - such as piano, guitar, panpipes or tambourine -, or folk art and much more. So those who want to study such subjects have a solid choice within the art school, even if they are older. For example, in certain study categories, the maximum age can reach 35 years.

So, if you dream of learning something new or perfecting what you already know, we invite you to study the offer of the "Cornetti" School of Arts and Crafts, which will surely surprise you. And if you decide to do this, we tell you that admission takes place in late summer - early fall, so keep an eye on the school's official website, but also on their Facebook page. They are very active and considering what the students of this school are doing, it is definitely worth watching! 
www.scoalacornetticraiova.ro Școala Cornetti - facebook

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