#FoodForTheMind. 4 books to read on #NationalReadingDay

Starting this year, in Romania, February 15 became the National Reading Day. Although we shouldn't need a day to open a book, we thought it would be a good opportunity to practice our imagination with the help of meaningful words in books, by people who have invested time and passion to give us beautiful stories. We have made a selection of books, food for the mind, that will take you to new and fresh universes and, why not, more current than ever.

Gog, by Giovanni Papini

Gog, the extravagant millionaire, wants to try any experience that could drive away his boredom and spends his life traveling the world and listening to the most absurd and crazy stories. Through everything Gog does, Papini lists before our eyes an impressive gallery of characters, from illustrious personalities in the field of literature, science and politics to petty and grotesque charlatans, gathered around the famous protagonist in the hope of a win.

Nicolae Romanescu Park, by Simona Lazăr and Mihai Murărețu

A historical approach not to be ignored is that of Simona Lazăr and Mihai Murărețu, who signed a new volume of the “Craiova of Yesterday” collection, which refers to the entire history of Bibescu Garden and Nicolae Romanescu Park in Craiova. This work, as the authors say, is also a novelty from the point of view of the approach, those who sign it studying for design no less than 6,000 original documents regarding the construction and arrangement of Nicolae Romanescu Park and thus bringing a series of information for the first time. The entire collection is available at Elena Farago Bookstore in Craiova, in the eMAG network, at the “Cornul abundenței” Bookstore, at the kiosk in front of the “Alexandru şi Aristia Aman” County Library or by ordering at olteniamea@gmail.com, also by call at 0723419561.

The Lonely Century, by Noreena Hertz

One of the best books of the year according to Wired and The Daily Telegraph and, according to Inc., one of the top 25 TED speaker books. As a result of more than ten years of research, The Lonely Century shows us how dependence on technology, major workplace changes and decades of public policy have put group interests first, not the general good, have affected our communities and they made us more isolated than ever. Social distancing can become the turning point in our fight against the epidemic of loneliness, and Noreena Hertz offers in The Lonely Century a clear vision of what we have to do to heal this divided world.

A is for Arsenic. The Poisons of Agatha Christie, by Katryn Harkup

Fourteen stories and as many poisons. Just because it's fiction doesn't mean it's all an invention. "A is for Arsenic. The Poisons of Agatha Christie” examines how science intervenes in Agatha Christie's work. Written by Katryn Harkup, a chemist and a fan of the British writer's novels, the volume presents a well-documented analysis of the poisons used by Agatha Christie in fourteen of her famous Romanian cops.

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