#TasteOfSummer. Where to find the freshest vegetables and fruits in Dolj

#TasteOfSummer. Where to find the freshest vegetables and fruits in Dolj

Dolj is known for its fertile soil, for the production of seasonal vegetables and fruits, whose taste is unmistakable. It would be a shame not to buy locally, from producers, especially when we have so many options and varieties to choose from.

At the moment, the markets in Craiova are full of vegetables and summer fruits: the corn is ripe, the tomatoes have also started to ripen, we have melons of all kinds, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants… In short, it's the perfect time for a detox cure with local vegetables and fruits.
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In the Central Market, the biggest of all, you can find these goodies at affordable prices, with a taste to match. Don't be shy to stock up on veggies fo pickles, tomato broth or vegetable stew, because autumn is knocking on our door and we wouldn't want to be caught empty-handed. 😊 

At the same time, in Chiriac Market, recently inaugurated by the authorities, you will find exclusively Romanian producers, but also the first store in the country with exclusively Romanian products, in addition to the usual products of the soil. In addition to these two locations, 1 Mai Market, Valea Roșie Market or Craiovița Market are also available.

In fact, we invite you to take the pulse of the agri-food markets in the county, built so that producers in the Dolj area can sell their goods without moving to Craiova or far from the town where they operate.

Let's not forget the ones from GRENA - Green Nature for Healthy Life. So, if you want fresh vegetables, delivered at home and grown by skilled and inventive hands, then GRENA is exactly what you are looking for. With the support of the authorities, but also of the Ford Resource and Commitment Center in Craiova, which offers grants for social initiative projects, GRENA has been building its greenhouses for several years and is set to work to grow fresh vegetables for the people of Craiova. Tomatoes, cucumbers and many other vegetables, all grown with organic nutrients, are waiting to be delivered to your home, with an order placed simply by phone. All products will be delivered to you, on an orderly basis, sustainably, with the support of the GoBike Craiova team, another winner of the grants provided by the Ford Craiova Resource and Commitment Center.

You can find those from GRENA on Facebook, but also at the phone numbers 0783.150.860 and 0729.965.243.
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Our exhortation is simple: taste the fruits of Dolj and enjoy them before they are out of season. And if that happens, it's okay. Our soil is fertile and, surely, the producers are preparing something good for autumn as well!

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