#TheCityOfOurChildhood. Street Delivery turned Craiova into a huge playground

We are not always the best, but it is always in our power to try to be like that.

About this was, for 3 days, the rhythm and the saying of Street Delivery Craiova 2021, which challenged us to become children again, to rediscover the game and play, but also the potential of our city, through various events that covered the whole city, which became effervescent and interactive. 

From the classic childhood games, games on consoles or the recreation of Practical Skills classes, to huge collages that will be seen on a wall from the city, made by the artist Anastasia Savinova, who came for the first time to Romania, to Craiova, Street Delivery Craiova 2021 meant the transformation of the city and its neighborhoods into a large playground.

Whether we are talking about Craiovița Nouă, Rovine, Hanul Doctorului area or the Old Town, activities have taken place everywhere meant to transform seemingly lifeless places into some that transmit emotion, enthusiasm and an incredible transformation.

With poems, concerts and movies, with interactive activities in collaboration with Cărturești, the reality we knew became different and told us that we, here, have a huge potential to create and recreate the beings we once were; to keep our maturity and experience, but to try to see everything through the eyes of older children, with a playfulness and creativity specific to that age.

"Childhood is a huge need for wonder," Victor Hugo once said, and he was very right. And that's exactly what Street Delivery made of us, as if it were made, after Puppets Occupy Street: some surprised, curious children, longing for the past, that was simpler and more enchanting.

What we want from our city and what we can do for it are just some of the questions that the organizers of Street Delivery asked us and left us to answer. Because, as we know, it is up to us to create the city we want to live in.

And why not, from time to time, to transform it into the place of our childhood, over which the years have not passed, but only the teachings that have helped us to understand it better.

Photo: Street Delivery Craiova

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