Autumn for all at the Polyvalent Hall

Because good events are noticeable early on, we couldn’t ignore this autumn and the events that will take place during this period. The location: the Polyvalent Hall in Craiova. And there are still tickets left. Let's begin!

Bordea & Micutzu - Romanian Comedians Party

Stand-up comedy is a kind of entertainment that has grown closer to Romanians’ hearts in the recent years, and Craiova is no exception. The present tour, which has Bordea and Micutzu as stars, arrives in Craiova on November 7, and the two will not be alone. Together with them, George Adrian, Luiza Ioana and Radu Bucălae. Of course, no good joke will remain unpunished.

See the event page - Bordea & Micutzu - Romanian Comedians Party

Andra - Traditional

A true event presented by Andra, who has already made a habit of coming to Craiova more and more. A reason for joy is also this national tour, with a stop in Craiova, on November 16, especially for the lovers of Romanian folklore, which the singer will focus on, passing through the musical legacies of all the historical regions of the country. Beside her will be the orchestra of the Advahov Brothers, but also special guests. Stay tuned!

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Lara Fabian - Pop Opera

Perhaps the most awaited concert of the last years, considering that the artist should have come to Craiova more than once, is the one of the superdiva Lara Fabian. The unmatched voice, which has made history with hits such as "Je Suis Malade", "Je T'Aime" or "I Will Love Again", will arrive in Craiova on November 17th, during the 16th edition of the International Festival "Elena Teodorini", organized by the Romanian Opera Craiova. The special guest of the artist will be the tenor Bogdan Mihai.

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Smiley - The Man

Smiley also returns to Craiova, ending the series of great concerts at the Polyvalent Hall. The artist will bring the audience from Craiova a concept show, a grand one, in the style that has already made him famous. It is the largest tour held by a Romanian artist: 15 cities gathered in more than 45 hours of live music, a team of over 50 people, lights, lasers, screens, dancers and surprise guests. All this, on November 25th.

See the event page - Smiley - The Man

Until November, keep a close eye on the 5GANG concert, but also for the delight of children everywhere, Gașca Zurli, both at the Polyvalent Hall in October!

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