Constantin Brancusi Center

Constantin Brancusi Center


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Calea Unirii, nr 15, Craiova, Romania


Constantin Brancusi is honored in a unique way in Craiova. The huge glass “egg” constructed in the courtyard of the Craiova Art Museum  represents an unparalleled construction in the artistic and architectural world, a real attraction for the enthusiasts of Brancusi's work, for those fascinated by modern art, as well as for those hunting spectacular objectives.

The architect of the glass prism is the famous Dorin Stefan. He wanted to make an unprecedented project, a work on the border between sculpture and bold architecture. Dorin Ștefan was inspired by a sketch made by the great Constantin Brâncuși for the “Temple of Meditation”, a monument he had designed at the request of a Maharajah who wanted to build a mausoleum dedicated to the memory of his wife. In fact, the shape of the egg is found in many of the works of the famous sculptor.

The idea of building a center dedicated to Brancusi was assumed by Dolj County Council, and the unique project of glass construction became a reality. The prism, 12 meters high, consists of slats and glass pillars weighing over 200 tons. Below the glass volume is a multifunctional underground pavilion, from inside which the access inside the “egg” is made, with an elevator that offers the perspective of another famous work of Brancusi, the Great Bird (Maiastra). The two overlapping structures, the gallery and the glass signal, form  a complete and complex interactive cultural objective: the “Constantin Brancusi” International Center. 

Inside the pavilion there are exhibition spaces, but also areas that can host conferences and shows. At the heart of the concept of exhibition are the life and works of the great sculptor, and the way of presentation is an interactive one.

Constantin Brancusi International Center was inaugurated in September 2022, offering Craiova a tourism product of international interest. Visitors have the opportunity to see both the attractive and interactive exhibitions of the center and the Jean Mihail Palace, a construction dating back to 1907 and hosting the Art Museum. Among the valuable exhibits of the museum there are also six Brancusi works: Miss Pogany, Ego, Kiss, Torso, Child's Head and Vitellius. 


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