#EndingSummerInCraiova. Some options to spend your free time in the last days of summer

Summer passes as fast as it came, but that doesn't stop us from enjoying it as much as we can. As widowed as it was by events due to the pandemic, it still takes a breath of fresh air, through various projects that take place respecting the current rules, of course,

This being said, we’re suggesting some things you can do in Craiova in the coming days. 

Cineacordeon @ Puppets Occupy Street

This year's edition of Puppets Occupy Street, Masquerade, differs from the previous ones, given the restrictions imposed. In addition to the events related to the art of theatre and puppet theatre in particular, the organizers offer us a unique concert by jazz accordionist Emy Drăgoi. Basically, the concert is a musical journey through the famous soundtracks of film productions, and where the soundtrack cannot be reproduced, it is ... Created. We won't tell you more, only that the famous actress Medeea Marinescu is part of this project, but also that you can enjoy this musical journey through time on Sunday, August 30, at the Summer Theatre in the "Nicolae Romanescu" Park. And, why not, consult the rest of the program; for sure you will find only interesting events.
Cineacordeon Puppets Occupy Street

Street Delivery - Resolutions throughout Craiova

A distinct edition this year has not been necessarily wanted, but rather adapted to current conditions. The events gathered in the past years on a single street will be found all over the city, in the neighborhoods, but also in the central area, so we hope that a beautiful buzz will be created throughout Craiova. We won't tell you much because we want you to discover on your own, but at least that's what we can tell you: we will have Yoga workshops in the park, photography exhibitions, urban installations and civic initiatives, bookbinding workshops, clothing design fair and accessories dedicated to local designers (which supports local designers and encourages local consumption - on a small scale), bike tour, plant exchange or film screenings and much more. Of course, this year too, an otherwise sad and dull wall will take on a new personality, as the tradition requires, through a mural, this time at a larger scale. Stay up to date with the calendar of Street Delivery events on Facebook:
Street Delivery Craiova 2020 Evenimente Street Delivery Craiova 2020

InstaCraiova, The Festival

The fifth edition of the photographic project turns, this year, into a youth festival that will take place in the "William Shakespeare" Square. On September 4th and 5th, photography workshops, social media, creative workshops, theatre performances, music, exhibitions and installations will be organized.

For those who do not know what InstaCraiova is: As the organizers explain, the aim of the project is to promote daily life in Craiova, as well as tourist attractions in and around the city, through photos, either taken by professionals or by amateurs, photos uploaded on the Instagram platform.
InstaCraiova, The Festival

Photos: facebook.com/Promart-Creative-198614826822804, facebook.com/foodhoodbucharest/, facebook.com/InstaCraiova, facebook.com/Street-Delivery-Craiova-219120668689019, facebook.com/PuppetsOccupyStreet

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