English Park (Unirii Garden)


English Park, Strada Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Craiova, România


It covers an area of 4670 square meters and it is located in the heart of the city.
The Unirii's garden bears this name, because it reminds of important events unfolded in 1857 in Craiova, and because it hosts the imposing statue of the prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza (sculptor Rafaello Romanelli).

The garden had other names too, but most often it is called English Park, as it reminds of the London square pattern.
It includes decorative trees and shrubs and a carpet of flowers, which are periodically replaced, depending on the flowering period.

Source: HCL no. 251/2011 on the approval of the Craiova City Statute
Photo: https://mapio.net

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