The world of the little ones, completely changed too. 5 activities through which we restore their smile and imagination

Like adults, children can feel stress and anxiety during this time when life is no longer what they used to be. And, as such, it manifests itself differently. Some children need creative activities, others are attracted to puzzles or interactive activities. Others are just silent, but can be successfully encouraged to express themselves. But it is up to those close to them to think and put into practice ways to spend their free time, so that the little ones do not feel so strongly these shortcomings and, moreover, to learn something useful and pleasant.

We searched and thought, for you, parents, grandparents, aunts and older friends of the little ones, about things they are allowed to do during this period. We know that it is difficult without kindergarten, without school and without the possibility to go on vacation, but no one said that we cannot, at least a little, move all these activities home. And make them enjoyable for everyone.

Home Express

Named after the Romanian TV show Asia Express, this game involves hiding rewards in the apartment/ house/ yard, which will only be discovered after the children solve certain exercises, puzzles or riddles set up by their parents. As in the TV show, start by preparing the "ground", showing the little ones the places where they can find clues that, once solved, will lead them to either a sweet reward or a favorite toy. Thus, they will truly feel the reward, given that they have made a significant contribution to finding it. An idea of how to organize everything can be found in the link below.

Home Express

Family writers / storytellers

The little ones not only want to have individual activities or with children their age, but also to participate in discussions and games with adults. In this sense, you can all gather around a table and start being the authors of a story. Depending on the age of the little ones, you can do this in writing or simply with your voice. Someone starts the story, and the one on his left continues it. Of course, you can use the objects around you, toys or various objects, so that children can see and practice word retention even better. You can record the whole story, thus stimulating the children's memory, either by writing it or illustrating it at the end.

My wall

Maybe you have a less clean wall in the house than the others, maybe you want to paint the house someday soon, or maybe you can stick a portion of the wall with paper, from top to bottom. In all cases, all three options are ideal to create a perfect environment for your child to practice talent. It is well known that the artistic manifestation is extremely calming, at the same time giving the little ones the opportunity to "train" their patience, concentration, but also to build something from scratch. Don't forget to immortalize their works, they will be extremely important for them, both now and in years to come!

A visit to the museum

With the reopening of the museums on May 15, you can go with the little ones to see the most beautiful testimonies of history, natural sciences and traditions, as they were imagined and put together by specialists from all over Dolj County. It is a more than welcome opportunity to take an outdoor walk to the museum, but also to change the atmosphere at home with the one full of stories, which only museums have. You have here all the museums in Dolj, which are waiting for their visitors.

Tour of the museums

Simplified Activity

Activity, an extremely popular game among children and adults alike, can be simplified and played at home, without the need for the full arsenal of cards and equipment made by the game's creators. It is a game that challenges imagination, facial expressions, gestures and vocabulary, so it is ideal for a family evening. Family members simply place a piece of paper in a bowl on which a word is written (or several pieces, if you want a longer game), and each person draws a ticket. All the words will go through three sessions, in turn: drawing, a word that sounds the same and mime, and the one who guesses the most words in the three sessions is declared the winner. At the end of each session, when the tickets are sold out, they will be returned to the bowl for a new draw and a new guessing method. In short, if we have the word "dog" on a ticket, we will have to draw it for the first session, and in the next ones we will give our opponents a word that sounds the same ("log", "fog", etc.), respectively we mimic it. In addition to imagination and vocabulary exercises, everyone knows that laughter is guaranteed!

Good luck with the games!


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