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Our identity is something we dearly respect. That’s because we learned that we cannot live the present and look towards the future if we don’t respect our past. In Craiova, two museums, functioning in four different buildings, rehabilitated and taken care of, reveal the Dolj, the Oltenia and the Romania universe - of art and not only -, which we so much care for. It would be a shame to miss them if you’re gonna come around here.

The Art Museum

Hosted by one of the most impressive buildings in Dolj and maybe even in Oltenia, the “Jean Mihail” Palace, the mansion of one of the richest Romanians in the interwar period, the Art Museum gives value and an unequaled beauty to the center of Craiova. The details of the building, reestablished through an intense process of rehabilitation a few years ago, completes the art that is found inside it.

The Art Museum is home to eight of the operas of the mighty Brâncuși, but also to important works of big names, such as Țuculescu, Grigorescu, Tonitza or Luchian. All these in a truly luxurious palace, which really compliments all the exhibits. On the steps of art history, walk inside this dreamy place and don’t forget about the Mirror Hall. It will be quite a surprise.

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Oltenia Museum

This represents a massive institution, with three departments in three different places, all being given an exquisite attention, from the way they look to the exhibits they hold.

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- The History-Archeology Department

If you want to find out who we are and how we got here, we advise you to come visit this place, which was built in 1906. From the oldest days, to Mihai The Brave and later on, until the modern and contemporary times, the specialists at History-Archeology knew how to arrange the life in the past so that it would be as attractive as possible. The most beautiful exhibits related to our history are here, a visit at the museum being a true history lesson, not just for the students, but also for the ones who want to learn and remember who we really are.

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- The Nature Sciences Department

Captivating and interactive, this department (opened in 1923 under the name of “Craiova’s Natural History Museum”) makes you feel like a kid in the candy store, even if you’re 5 or 105 years old. You can travel through planets, through animals and plants, journeys that culminate with the skeleton reconstructions of the mastodon, mammoth and cave bear, discovered right here, in Oltenia. They are a proof within our reach to show us that we can learn about life in a place that keeps itself quiet, but which tells us so much.

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- The Ethnography Department – Băniei House

The Băniei House of today sits on the remains of the oldest civil construction in Craiova, which dates from the end of the 15th century. The heritage of the Craiovești landlords represents the foundation stone for this department that shows us customs and traditions, which hosts objects of popular art and which also shows us the oldest of crafts. Basically, here’s where we can find out the simple, but beautiful and full of meaning life that our ancestors used to live, through their various occupations: pottery, weaving, wood or iron processing or iconography.

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In Craiova or Dolj, there are memorial houses or museums that you should visit. Don’t you miss, if you get here, the “Elena Farago” Memorial House - Craiova, the “Amza Pellea” Memorial House – Băilești, the “Henri Coandă” Museum – Perișor or the Art Museum in Calafat, hosted by the “Marincu” Palace, a true blessing for the eye of the beholder.

And, soon, two new museums will be available to the public: The “Constantin Brâncuși” International Centre and the Museum of Book and Romanian Exile.

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