Natural protected area Cilieni Pond, Bailesti

Protected area / Natural attraction


Balta Cilieni, Băilești


The natural protected area Cilieni Pond- Bailesti belongs to the category of natural protected areas of national interest and corresponds to IUCN category IV, being declared by HCJ 26/1994 and then by Law no. 5/2000 regarding the approval of the National Territory Planning Plan - Section III - Protected Areas. It is not part of any Natura 2000 site.

At present, the protected area Cilieni Pond - Bailesti is in the custody of the Bailesti Town Hall, according to the custody convention no. 127 / 09.03.2010, concluded between the National Agency for Protected Natural Areas and the Local Council of Bailesti County Dolj County.

The land of the protected natural area has an area of 47 ha and falls under the public domain, according to the Government Decision 1326 / 27.12.2001, published in the Official Gazette 17 / 15.01.2002.
The natural protected area of national interest "Cilieni Pond - Bailesti" is situated in the central part of the Oltenia Plain, in the Plain of Băileşti, having the following coordinates: 44o02'20 '' lat. Nordic and 23 ° 18'00 '' long. Eastern, it extends from the entrance of the Balasan fleet to the administrative territory of Baileşti (out of town) until the airport pier.

The flora and fauna of this protected area is specific to freshwater wetlands.

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