Gyms, still closed. How do we get rid of the extra weight gained in isolation?

The extra pounds and lack of physical activity have become, for some of us, a problem in the last two months. And with the fitness and fitness rooms still closed, we just have to adapt and try to find solutions to get moving or to learn to control our cravings and eat responsibly. Not just for a diet, but for a more comfortable and healthier life.

We offer you some options that should at least make you think, take your sneakers out of the closet and all the will you have!

Training with the County Directorate for Sports and Youth Dolj

Once every few days, the team from the County Directorate for Sports and Youth Dolj thought that we would like some physical training, not very complicated, but just enough to move our slightly "rusty" muscles. Go to their Facebook page, the "Videos" section and start preparing your shape for the summer that’s about to come! 
Facebook DJST - Videos

Yoga and nutrition at Harmony Wellness Center

Harmony Wellness Center have thought of several options for those who want to reinvent themselves or return to the pre-isolation shape. At the moment, you can address those at the center for individual nutrition consultations or for yoga classes 1 to 1, respecting, of course, the sanitary and distance rules imposed. There is also the option of online yoga classes, which you can sign up for on the Harmony Center website. For details, go to their social media page and find out more details. 
Facebook - Harmony Wellness Center Web site - Harmony Wellness Center

Online trainings

We found, for you, some medium difficulty trainings for you, in Romanian, so that you can do them from the privacy of your own home. You need minimal equipment, such as small dumbbells (which you can replace with two 2-liter water bottles) and a mattress, because most exercises use your own body weight. The trainings are guided, the trainer works at the same time as you and you will go through all the necessary stages together. It is important to repeat these workouts if not daily, at least every two days, for results. Sport releases serotonin, so we will no longer feel the need to satisfy our nervous centers with excess food. Therefore, it would be good that every time we feel like eating something, we give up the food for some series of abs. 
Abdominal Exercises + Waist Cardio training Flat Abdomen Workout Full body training Total body workout

BONUS: Equally useful in the journey to losing weight is the "Home Workout - No Equipment" app, which you can download from Google Play and App Store, where you have several series of workouts for which you do not need any equipment. Work muscle series for a few minutes a day and you will see how the results will appear. 

Jogging, but not on the treadmill

There is a saying that we sometimes do inexplicable things; that is, we drive to the gym to run on the treadmill. Why not exchange the time spent in the car with time spent outdoors? Especially since we have enough parks for that. Here are some tips for those of you who want to start a jogging program, which is important for both your physical and mental health:

- Start with short running intervals, which you alternate with walking intervals, and do not run too fast. There is a risk of injury or overload. Start slowly on the road and you can increase your speed along the way;

- Measure your progress with health apps, which you can find in Google Play or the App Store (such as ”adidas Running App by Runtastic”). This will help you motivate and congratulate yourself for you results;

- Prepare, from home, a set of songs that you consider motivational or appropriate for this activity, to encourage and support you during training;

- If you feel uncomfortable jogging alone, convince a friend;

- Take a one-day break between runs to give your muscles time to recover.

Our body is the only house we will have to live in for the rest of our lives, so why not make our stay more enjoyable? And today is the best day to start. 

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