The Dragobete Week. Where are we going with our loved ones

The month of love, February, but especially the week before Dragobete – the Romanian equivalent of Valentine’s day, celebrated on the 24th of February– , comes to Craiova with happenings for all tastes. Planned or not for this celebration, we selected for you the events that are worth to see with your loved one.

The Mono Jacks - album release

An anniversary must be marked properly, so Charger Classic Bar, who is now three years old, has decided to bring again in front of the people The Mono Jacks band. On this occasion, the band will also release their most recent album, "Gloria".

Place: Charger Classic Bar/ Date: February 20th/ After 6 pm/ Ticket price: 60 lei.

"Romeo and Juliet"

An unusual show, brought on stage in Craiova after the 2017 premiere, is "Romeo and Juliet", put on stage by the TUBE Theater. The play takes place in several annexed spaces, with simultaneous scenarios, so participants can choose what they want to watch. You are welcomed to walk the streets of Verona and, who knows, you may fall in love, if you haven't already!

Place: Student Culture House/ Date: February 21st/ 8 pm/ Suggested donation: 30 lei.

Rahmaninov / Tchaikovsky Concert

Is anything more beautiful than to take your loved one by the hand and go together to a symphonic concert, which will carry you in a dream story? Our proposal for this Friday is this concert with works by Rahmaninov and Tchaikovsky, hosted, of course, by the "Oltenia" Craiova Philharmonic.

Place: "Oltenia" Philharmonic Craiova/ Date: February 21st/ 7 pm/ Ticket prices: 40 lei; 10 lei (students, students, senior citizens).

National Thrash Olympics

For the lovers of rock, metal and thrash, also at the Student Culture House, but in the Backstage, the traditional National Thrash Olympics will take place. Traditional because this has become a custom in the last four years. The bands that will play are Damage Case, Slicer and Mental Disorder, for a show with guitar riffs, drum beats and an atmosphere that can be created only in Craiova.

Place: Student Culture House/ Date: February 22/ After 8 pm/ Ticket price: 25 lei.

Folk Evening

The Folk Generation, known without a doubt to the audience of Craiova, which celebrates ten years of existence, will come in front of the folk music lovers with a show of – what else? – folk music. On the occasion of this anniversary, The Folk Generation is also preparing a studio album, which will be released soon.

Place: Play Cafe-Theater/ Date: February 23/ 7:30 pm/ Free entrance.

Dolj County’s savory dishes with love, on Dragobete Day

For those outside Craiova, we recommend a culinary trip, organized in Calafat, right on the Dragobete Day. Dolj County’s savory dishes, organized by the Dolj County Centre for the Conservation and Promotion of the Traditional Culture, returns with sensational, traditional dishes, in a new celebration of local food. All this will take place at the House of Culture in Calafat, on February 24 th, starting at 3:30 pm.

Bonus: 5 places for a traditional Romanian romantic dinner

In you’d rather have a quiet, romantic evening, with a glass of wine and some good food, we suggest that you consult our Discover Dolj list of restaurants. Even so, for a traditional Romanian dinner, consider going to Oșanu, La Rocca, Casa Ghincea, Galaxy Restaurant or Hanul Domnesc.


Oșanu La Rocca Casa Ghincea Restaurant Galaxy Hanul Domnesc

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