#ChainsawSculpture. Story Wood Cut, children's stories told by adults

The universe of childhood is well known in Craiova, which honours it with beautiful events and, may we say, extraordinarily useful. Story Wood Cut, the cultural residence of chainsaw sculpture, takes place in Craiova for 14 days, in which six artists, specialists in handling real "monsters", bring, again, their artistic contribution to the city, in the "Youth" Park. In all these days, curious people can observe closely what is happening and how wood comes to life at the behest of chainsaws.

The six artists who leave their mark on the logs are Gabi Rizea from Craiova, together with the guests Ioan Ungur, Adrian Voican, Viorel Rădăcină, Gabriel Pătrașc and George Bostănică. The challenge for them is quite big: everyone had to imagine and make, in wood, with a chainsaw, houses inspired by children's stories. They are to be relocated to the city parks, as is the case with all the works of art that are created at Story Wood Cut and not only.

Even though the weather played real tricks on them, the artists did not give up and managed to give life to the wood, managing to tell true stories with the saw blade. It is easy to understand that their authors - and it can be seen with the naked eye - do this with a real love for this hobby, so that the results have left nothing but amazement. And the way the city understands to respect its artists and guests says a lot, especially by the fact that their works will stay here, to beautify Craiova and to give it a different air.

The event, organized by the House of Culture "Traian Demetrescu", is already in its fourth edition and promises more and more, with each passing year. The cultural residency lasts until June 6, so you still have time to go to the "Youth" Park to see the six fantastic people at work.

We already know - and we aren’t the ones who said it - that the city of Craiova has the most beautiful and well-kept parks, decorated with the signatures of the artists who came here. Watch their stories at the address below, in a Discover Dolj retrospective.
Bucăți din sufletele creatorilor. Cum își lasă artiștii viziunea, an de an, în Craiova

If you fail to reach Story Wood Cut, be aware of the daily course of work on the official Facebook page of the organizing institution. And, don't forget, it's very important to become children again from time to time, and what better opportunity to do that than through art!
Casa de Cultură Traian Demetrescu

Photo: facebook.com/trademro

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