Tineretului Park (Youth Park)


Bulevardul Știrbei Vodă, Craiova, Romania


The history of the park begins in 1879, when the prefect of the county proposed that part of the meadow situated on the territory of the Mofleni estate should be transformed into a park. The Council sent the proposal to the Ministry of Finance which approved the start of the work. In 1882, the park was ready.
On March 21, 1900 the Craiova City Hall took over the Mofleni Park.
The Lunca Jiului Park was inaugurated as the Tineretului Park in 2009.
Decorating the park consisted in preserving the existing tree species and other biodiversity elements.
The park covers an area of 60 ha and it features a great biodiversity of vegetation. The paved roads and alleys occupy 9% of the entire area.
Encountered species of trees: oak, cerris, hornbeam, elm field tree , platan, black alder.
Shrubs: dogwood, Cornus sanguinea, hawthorn, elder.
Herbaceous plants: violas, fumeworts, violets, snowdrops, anemones, creeping buttercup.
Hanging plants: ivy, hornbeam
The Tineretului Park in Craiova offers a wide range of leisure, sports and recreation activities:

• Tennis - 4 green-set courts, homologated;
• Minifootball - 4 synthetic grass fields - basketball and volleyball;
• Basketball ground - 2 synthetic ground surfaces;
• Table tennis - 10 concrete tables, tennis net, balls and racquets;
• Chess - 10 tables
• Rollerblades and skate track;;
• Scene of outdoor performances;
• Mini-golf field
• Playgrounds for children, specially adapted to the following age groups: 1-4, 4-8 and 8-12 years old
For jogging amateurs - 12 km of paved alleys

Source: HCL nr. 251/2011 Craiova city Statute
Photo: http://raadpflcraiova.ro; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Parcul-Tineretului/230560003622786

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