WholeFoods. Where can we eat tasty and vegetarian

More and more people are starting to adopt this lifestyle or give up certain foods on certain days. To meet their needs, businesses thought about naturally prepared dishes and people also opened restaurants that cook exclusively vegetarian.

We also tested a few options and we are entitled to tell you that we can eat tasty and healthy in Craiova. Here's what we found.


Mandala food is made to combine the knowledge of the ancient sages of India and uses food as the medicine we have made available from nature. Their dishes range from the classic tabouleh salad, to spinach with Indian cheese, to onion soup-cream, hummus or vegetable meatballs with curry. The daily menu provided can be consulted on the official website, on facebook, but also on the Takeaway.com platform.
Mandala Mandala - Facebook

Red Onion

The first vegetarian fast food in Craiova has a varied menu and offers options both for those who do not consume dishes of animal origin, and for those who want to leave aside only meat. In addition to the a la carte menu, which contains dishes such as amaranth caviar, hummus, vegan or vegetarian pizza, burgers, juices and extremely healthy salads, Red Onion also has the menu of the day, consisting of a soup and a main course. Keep an eye on them on facebook.
Red Onion - Facebook

Vego Food Trailer

About how many vegan goodies could fit in a food truck? A lot, we tell you. You can find the people from Vego in the parking lot of the Auchan Shopping Center, with decadent vegan burgers, healthy juices, vegan platters, cream soups and much more. If you want to order in advance from them, you can do so at the phone number 0727.321.007. What's even better is that they also make deliveries!
Vego Food Trailer - Facebook

So Vegan Delights

So Vegan Delights works on the daily menu basis, designed to cover all caloric needs and provide all the vitamins needed by the human body, but without products of animal origin. If you don't know what to eat for lunch, get in touch with them and order a dish that will surely surprise you. If you liked it, you can also subscribe to get promotional prices.
So Vegan Delights - Facebook

Photo: facebook.com/SoVeganDelights, mandalabistro.ro, facebook.com/vegantogo, facebook.com/Red-Onion-Craiova-101032704635744

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