#AdventuresInTheAir. Start 2023 by conquering the sky of Dolj!

#AdventuresInTheAir. Start 2023 by conquering the sky of Dolj!

If you need a new hobby in the year that has just started or if you simply want to try something you have never tried before, in Craiova you have the opportunity to do it! So be courageous and hit #going to the flight courses organized by the Territorial Aeroclub "G.V. Bibescu" Craiova or reserve a seat for a hot air balloon flight. 

Also in 2023, the Aeroclub of Romania organizes theoretical and practical courses for obtaining parachutist, glider and ultralight pilot licenses, and Craiova is no exception. Those who wish to register should know that these courses will start in February and registrations are open from today until February 11th. 

Those who have already turned 15 and are up to 23 years old have free registration for gliding, parachuting and ultralight aircraft, within the limits of available places, at the Craiova Territorial Aeroclub. The criterion for occupying the subsidized places will be the grades obtained in the graduation exam of the theoretical module of the courses. 

The courses are structured in two training modules, the theoretical one that will take place online between February and April and the practical one (flying/ skydiving) that will start in May. 

All the information required for registration can be found on the official website of the Aeroclub of Romania, but also on the Facebook page of the Territorial Aeroclub "G.V. Bibescu" Craiova. 
aeroclubulromaniei.ro Aeroclubul Teritorial „G.V. Bibescu” Craiova - facebook

Also, if you want to try the experience of a flight without becoming a professional in the field, the people at Aventura Baloanelor in Băilești offer you the opportunity to do this together with your bravest friends. At the same time, they offer those interested theoretical and practical courses for the licensing of hot air balloon pilots in Romania, being the first private school for such courses starting in 2022. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact the people at Aventura Baloanelor on social media and on the official website. We believe that you will not regret such an experience! 
Aventura baloanelor - facebook www.aventurabaloanelor.ro

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