#OtherKindOfStories. What show is Radu Afrim preparing for the Craiova National Theatre

#OtherKindOfStories. What show is Radu Afrim preparing for the Craiova National Theatre

Unusual and exciting. This is how could be characterized, in a few words, the new play that the director Radu Afrim is preparing together with the actors of the National Theatre from Craiova.

The announcement was made by the director on Facebook and was accompanied by a series of photos taken by the director, of some dogs in a shelter together with the actors who are going to play in the show.

"I am currently working on a new show at TN (National Theatre – n.r.) Craiova. About dogs. Stories with dogs. Monologues for dogs. Talking to dogs. Poems for dogs. Today I went to a dog shelter near town. With all the actors. Documentation for roles. A few hours of tenderness offered to the dogs in the shelter. Too few. Photo shoot. Filming. Hopes offered to dogs. And in the end, abandonment. Each with his own. At the evening rehearsal, however, nothing could be done. Some of the actors had just stayed there. I also abandoned rehearsal. We went for a beer.

I think it's mandatory for each of us to go to a dog shelter at least once. With or without bags of food. Preferably with. And get out of there if we can afford a dog. The shelter we went to today is kept by a woman, from her money, she makes great sacrifices and I suspect that it is not a singular story", the director wrote on Facebook.

The post attracted dozens of reactions from people, who praised the initiative and who support such efforts.

“Soon (dog with man/ dog without man), a show on texts of Simona Goşu, Maria Manolescu, de Dan Coman, Lia Bugnar, Oana Pellea, of Radu Tudoran, Coca Bloos, of myself, recordings with people and dogs”, Radu Afrim also wrote on the social network.

The social impact that such a play could have is incredibly great, so we are glad that the chosen theme is related to the world of non-speakers, who need us to express themselves and to arrive safely, in a house of their own.

Do not forget that near Craiova we have a public shelter for stray dogs, which can be visited from Monday to Friday (10:00 - 14:30) and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays (11:00 - 13:00). You can take food to the quadrupeds and you can even leave with a good friend, sterilized, microchipped and dewormed. Furthermore, all that is needed is love.

Congratulations, "Marin Sorescu" National Theater and Radu Afrim! We can't wait for the premiere!

Photo: Radu Afrim - facebook.com/radu.afrim.5

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