Craiova Court of Justice

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Strada Alexandru Ioan Cuza 20, Craiova 200396, România


The current emplacement situated in a monumental building it was assigned to the Court of Craiova in the years after 1960. During the inter-war period and immediately after, the city courts from Oltenia had the headquarters in the building of the current University.
The building, constructed in the year 1890, by the architect Ion Socolescu, in a Neo-Classical style, and assigned to the Palace of Justice, was adequate for judging the cases from all the counties in Oltenia.
The fact that justice was a real power was emphasized at the middle of the XIXth century in the court seals engraved with an oval shield, the blazon of the district (the crusaded golden eagle) and the balance, the symbol of justice.
The years 1990 – 2004 bring important changes in the structure of the court. Between 1990-1993, there were 13 formations of the Court, functioning with a number of 26 judges. In 2012, the total number of judges is 46.
It is the first court in the county and in the area of the Court of Appeal of Craiova, judging by the volume of work.
Having taken into account the functional requests, Craiova Court of Justice was completely renovated in 1998.

At the Craiova Court of Justice functions only one current archive, which serves both the criminal and the civil department. The archive has a room where lawyers, experts and other law specialists can study the files. Also, here is located the record office common to both departments.

Since 2006 has been implemented the computer network and the ECRIS application for electronic file registration and random assignment. There are 46 formations of the court working in 6 court rooms, with an average of 10 sessions per day.

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