How to get to Dolj County

How to get to Dolj County

Air transport

Craiova International Airport opens the Oltenian gates to Europe and beyond.
Craiova International Airport was and will remain the most important connection node for Oltenians, being in a process of continuous development determined by the evolution and local needs both for leaisure passengers, diaspora and corporate passengers.

Located at a distance of 7 km from the center of Craiova, along the route Craiova - Bucharest, the airport serves the entire area of ​​Oltenia, respectively the 5 counties: Dolj, Gorj, Mehedinți, Olt and Vâlcea and not only, the road infrastructure and railway in full development, making it possible to move from / to the neighboring areas: Bulgaria, Serbia, Timisoara, Arges, etc.

Wizz Air is currently operating at Craiova International Airport with two Airbus A320 aircraft with a capacity of 178 seats / plane, covering a range of 10 European destinations: Rome, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Brussels, Birmingham, London , Bergamo, Bologna and Cologne.

Considered as the main gateway for investors from Oltenia, the airport has developed permanently, the main objectives being both the mobility and accessibility of the inhabitants and the large corporations in the area. The demarcated investments are intended to draw an important pole of Romania's economic development. Once completed, the new terminal will help achieve the main goal: to attract investors and tourists, not only in Dolj County, but in the entire Oltenia region.

Address: Calea Bucuresti St, no. 325, Craiova 
Phone: Airport Secretariat: +40251416860 (08.00-16.00); Operational Dispatching: +40754022507 

Craiova International Airport

Railway transport

Dolj county owns a railway network of 225 km, and the largest railway station in the region, located in Craiova, on the national electrified railroad Bucharest - Timisoara. Craiova has been connected to the railway network since 1875, starting with the deployment of Bucharest-Piteşti-Slatina-Craiova railway.
Craiova railway station provides connections to the majority of Oltenia region, Banat, Dobrogea, Muntenia locations but also to some of the Transylvanian region ones. There are direct train connections from Craiova to Budapest, Sofia, Belgrade. At the same time, many trains for goods transportation pass through Craiova railway station.

Railway tracks crossing Dolj county are:
Bucharest North - Roşiori North - Craiova - Filiaşi - Turnu Severin - Caransebes - Timişoara North (CFR 900 railroad) Railroad
Bucharest - Piteşti - Slatina - Craiova Railway line
Craiova-Calafat railway

Craiova railway station Train schedule CFR Călători Softrans

Road transport

Road infrastructure is well developed, measuring over 2.400 kilometers, out of which almost half are county roads.
Dolj county has access to the European transport network, being crossed by two corridors: Rhine - Danube and Orient East / Mediterranean.

European roads crossing Dolj County are:
E70 Serbia border - Timisoara - Drobeta Turnu Severin - Craiova - Slatina - Pitesti - Bucharest - Bulgaria border
E79 Oradea - Deva - Simeria - Târgu Jiu - Craiova - Bulgaria border
E574 Bacău - Onesti - Târgu Secuiesc - Braşov - Piteşti - Craiova

The national roads crossing Dolj County are:
DN6 Bucharest - Roşiori de Vede - Craiova - Drobeta-Turnu Severin - Caransebes - Lugoj - Timişoara
DN6b Craiova-Hurezu
DN55 Craiova - Bechet (Danube)
DN56 Craiova - Calafat - Bulgaria Border
DN65 Piteşti (DN7) - Slatina - Craiova (DN6)
DN65c Horezu (DN67) - Craiova

The Danube Bridge (road and rail), which unites Romania to Bulgaria through the towns of Calafat and Vidin, is one of the strategic points of Dolj County, that offers great development potential to the entire southern area of Oltenia. At the same time, Calafat-Vidin Bridge is part of the Pan-European Corridor VII (Danube).

Bus schedule

River network

Dolj County is bordered to the south by the Danube, the river waters forming the natural border of the county over a distance of 150 kilometers.
There are two Danube harbors located in Dolj County : Bechet and Calafat.

Calafat Harbor is located in the city of Calafat, on the left bank of the Danube, at kilometers 794 - 795, having its harbor basin between kilometer 793 and kilometer 796. The harbor quays are 350-meter-long and the moorage depth of minimum 3.00 m. A border crossing point endowed with all the necessary facilities for the RO-RO type vessel operates in the draw bridge area. The bridge connecting Calafat (Romania) and Vidin (Bulgaria) is located in the harbor’s downstream area.

Bechet Harbor is located in Bechet city, on the left bank of the Danube, at km 679. The port has 600-meter-long quays and a RO-RO type vessel river draw bridge, as well as a boarding platform of oversized components. It also has road access to DN54A, DN55 and DN55A.

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