#FlavoursOfDolj. The harvest of the soil that you must taste this summer

#FlavoursOfDolj. The harvest of the soil that you must taste this summer

Fertile lands, caressed by the sun and generously cared for by the farmers of Dolj, release annually on the stalls, fruits and vegetables with a taste that really doesn’t compare to anything. Whether we buy them from the local markets or from the side of the road, exactly from the people who grow them, these products have the guarantee of taste and the confidence that only one’s own production can give.

Prepare your taste buds, because they’ll have some work to do, and plan your trip to the market. And empty the fridge, because you have to make room for the goodies which will come #StraightOutOfDolj.


Lubenița or watermelon is one of the local brands which Dolj is proud of and we’re pretty sure that the tastiest, juiciest and refreshing „lubenițas” can be found right here. Their "homeland" is the village of Dăbuleni, where the "Sweet de Dăbuleni" is the kind of watermelon that became king as time passed. The name says it all, and the fruity "balls", green on the outside and red on the inside, can be found both in markets all over the county and on the side of the roads, exactly like old farmers once used to sell their goods.


Juicy, with pink or red pulp, the tomatoes grown in Dolj have a different taste due especially to the blessed soil that we all know. If you don’t know which variety to choose, we recommend that you try the pink tomatoes or the ones called "heart of ox", particularly because of their generous shape. Both varieties, but not just them, are very good in terms of flavour and also in firmness, which makes them ideal both in salads and simply eaten like that, with a pinch of salt, as we used to do as kids, at the countryside, straight off the haulm.


It may seem to you like a dull or ordinary vegetable that you can always find in supermarkets, but we’re sincerely telling you that in summer, in Dolj, the cucumbers have the best taste and are the crunchiest that you can find. They are so good that you can eat them with their skin on, just washed, without bothering to peel them. Even the doctors recommend this, regarding the fact that the skin is full of nutrients.


If you feel the need for something sweet and fresh, a bit more consistent than watermelon, the cantaloupe is the one that you definitely need to try. At his best taste in August, it has a perfect consistency, as the texture, and its fragrance is unmistakable. Of course, we recommend that you cool it well beforehand, so that this summer desert is the way it’s supposed to be. And, another secret: it goes like a charm with ice cream or with a spoonful of honey drizzled on the freshly cut slices.


The sandy soil, burned by the sun, allows Dolj to grow and produce delicious fruits which we seldomly find in the supermarkets, but brought from other countries. Yet, the farmers in the county caught this opportunity and are growing here, at home, fruits with taste, properly cared for, without the need to import them. Versatile and sweet, peaches are pleasant to eat as they are, but also in jams, chutneys or nectar.

To buy locally means to support the growth of a county and of the people that work and live in these places. In awkward times, like the one we are going through, to support one another is to stay together, as a community, and this will have so much to say on a medium and long term.

Buy locally! 

Photos: facebook.com/pietecraiova.ro, facebook.com/pepenedeDabuleni, roaliment.ro, seminte-rosii.eu, pikrepo.com, flickr.com, pxfuel.com, piqsels.com

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