5 fasting goodies that you can eat in Craiova

5 fasting goodies that you can eat in Craiova

Given that we are in a fasting period before Easter, we thought of presenting you some dishes that you must try during this time, in Craiova. Whether you are fasting now or prefer a healthier diet, here are some products we have tried for you. We guarantee that your joy will be beyond words.

The Smokey Burger from Vego Food Truck

Decadent, juicy and full of flavours, the Smokey Burger from Vego has a sweet-sour, smoky taste, with a cashew sauce. You won't even feel the difference between a meat burger and this one, the tastes and textures are so well balanced. If we convinced you, you can find the ones from Vego Food Truck in the Auchan Craiovița parking lot, but also on their Facebook page, where the team is at your disposal for orders or information of all kinds.
Vego - facebook

The amaranth caviar from Red Onion

Amaranth, a miracle plant, somewhat related to wheat, has found an important role in the "meatless" diet in that it closely resembles fish caviar. Both in appearance and texture, you can find delicious amaranth caviar at Red Onion, made with homemade vegetable mayonnaise, red onion and lemon. From Monday to Friday, in the New York / Perinița area.
Red Onion - facebook

The halvah from Ponton Craiova

Brought directly from Greece, the halvah from Ponton Craiova is a treat for lovers of classic sweets, who want to try other delicious products during this period. Accompanied by a coffee, also from Ponton, the Greek halvah will definitely make your day more beautiful. You can find them both across the street from the University.
Ponton - facebook

The Snickersilă Cake from RawZilla

If you like Snickers chocolate and want a fasting equivalent of it, you're in luck with RawZilla, who thought of a cake exactly the same, but without milk, eggs or butter. Instead, find through it all the beautiful aromas of nature: peanuts, coconut flakes, dates, cashews, orange, vanilla, agave syrup, cocoa butter and much more. Where? Near Kaufland Tineretului or on the official website.
RawZilla RawZilla - facebook

The vegetarian flatbread from Curtea Berarilor

A thin, crunchy, oval and full of flavours pizza, but without animal ingredients. This is the vegetarian flatbread from Curtea Berarilor, which comes bundled with sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, eggplant and squash, mushrooms and bell peppers. Whoever said that fasting food is boring really doesn't know what they’re losing. Try the flatbread in the Old Centre, on Traian Demetrescu Street. 
Curtea Berarilor - facebook

We hope you’ll enjoy this great food and, don't forget, if you have suggestions for other dishes that we haven't tried already, we are waiting for your messages on the official Facebook page Discover Dolj!
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Photos: discoverdolj.ro, rawzilla.ro, facebook.com/pontoncraiova, /Red-Onion-Craiova-101032704635744

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