Nicolae Romanescu Park


Bulevardul Nicolae Romanescu 1A, Craiova 200738, Romania


It is the largest natural park in Eastern Europe and one of the most representative monuments of landscape art in Romania. It covers about 90 ha, the green areas, the alleys and the forested areas give it the statute of the largest urban green area in Romania.
It was inaugurated in 1903 in the presence of King Carol I.
The landscape architect Edouard Redont brought the project of the future Romanescu Park to the Paris International Exhibition (1900) and the project was awarded the Golden Medal.
The park was built in a romantic style, as a synthesis of architecture and landscape painting.
In 1930, the park was named "Park N. P. Romanescu".
Eventualy, new elements were added: the portal at the entrance, the fencing, the pier was extended, the lighting was modernized, a greenhouse of 1050 sqm was built.
The park has preserved its components in time, according to the original concept of the landscape architect Redont.
Within the arranged ensemble, there are elements such as: the long water courses of over 1970 m, the 27 km long alleys, the monumental entrance, the Romanescu monument, the Bibescu House, the Iron Kiosk, the medieval castle, the lake and the pier, the impressive Suspended Bridge, the waterfalls, the Great Lake, the Zoo, the horse racing track, the Velodrome, the summer theatre and numerous statues and statuary ensembles, some belonging to illustrious artists (Brâncuşi or Jalea).
In 1943, at the main entrance, it was erected a bust of N. Romanescu, as a tribute to the one who was so involved in building the park.
Access to the park is free of charge.
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