#SomewhereInPalilula. "Pedal in Bănie" sets the Dolj community in motion

#SomewhereInPalilula. "Pedal in Bănie" sets the Dolj community in motion

The Dolj event "Pedal în Bănie", which challenges the entire community to move outdoors, dedicated to cyclists and, starting this year, also runners, takes place on the weekend of June 3-4, in the village of Palilula in the Bucovăț commune of Dolj. We are happy to tell you that whole doses of adrenaline and beauty are prepared for us for the first weekend in June, in a more than picturesque setting, here, at home!

"Pedal in Bănie" is one of those events that bring together good people who want to build something sustainable for the community, promoting, at the same time, the county as a tourist destination and showing other sides of Dolj, some full of vitality, naturalness and, why not, history.

Thus, nature and cycling lovers will have at their disposal, for the first day, several routes to which they can sign up: 55 km (Marathon Race), 25 km or E-Bike Race, for electric bicycles. At the same time, this year there are also two non-competitive contests, dedicated especially to families, namely MTB Family 3 km.

For the first time, this year, "Pedal în Bănie" no longer only means bicycle races, but also races for amateurs or those more initiated into jogging or running. That is why, on the second day of the event, four races are prepared at different distances: Half Marathon of 21 km, Cross Country of 10 km, Cross Country of 3 km and Cross Family of 600 m (non-competitive).

For those who don't know, Palilula village is a corner of heaven in the middle of nature, the perfect place to spend such a family weekend with your loved ones. Thanks to the efforts of the authorities and volunteers to set up such outdoor trails in the extremely beautiful areas of the county, "Pedal in Bănie" looks better and better and we are convinced that the development will continue!

We cannot ignore the charitable aspect of this event either, considering that a part of the registration fee will be donated to the "Vasiliada" Association and to their project, "Small Gestures Make Big People", the money collected will help children who fighting school dropout.

The rules of the event are available here:
Regulament Pedala in Banie 2023 (ciclism si alergare)

Registrations can be made until May 28, at the link below. Whether you choose to compete by bike or on your own feet or just come to witness this unique event, we tell you, you won't be sorry!
Înscriere la Pedala in Banie 2023

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