6 categories of useful apps in Craiova, for tourists and not only

6 categories of useful apps in Craiova, for tourists and not only

Because adaptability means existence, at the moment we have a lot of mobile apps, useful for tourists who arrive in the capital of Dolj and not only for them. From food applications, movies, parking in the city center or tourist guides, we present six categories of apps that should not be missing from your phone.

Parking in the city center

TPARK is the app that helps drivers from several cities of the country to pay the cost of parking in the areas thus designated in the big cities. The application is also valid in Craiova, and the cost of one hour of parking can be paid directly from the application, either by SMS or by card. Of course, this is an alternative to the vending machines located in the areas where paid parking is valid.

Movie theaters

Inspire Cinema and Colours Cinema are two apps that should not be missing from the phone of any movie lover. Here you can see which movies are playing, select your favorite time, book or buy your ticket. Thus, the three private cinemas in Craiova (Colors Cinema - Auchan Craiovița galleries, Inspire Cinema - Mercur Center and Inspire Cinema VIP Electroputere - Mall Electroputere) are just one click away.


If you want to get around town faster and do not have a car at hand - and you do not want to call the dispatch to order a taxi - you have the apps for Taxi Barby, Taxi Romnicon, Taxi Favorit and Taxi PMI. Enter the address, give a landmark and see on the map, for most apps, where your taxi is and how long it will take for it to pick you up. Moreover, some of the apps have incorporated the ability to provide driver reviews, some recently introducing the option of payment by card, through the POS.

Food and drinks

Maybe you’d like something different from food today, or maybe you just don't want to cook, but you want to stay at home to eat. Nowadays, there is nothing simpler than just four to five clicks on the phone screen and then waiting for your food to get to you. Eu Mănânc is an application developed for Craiova, and from here you can choose what kind of food you want - from international cuisine, pizza, traditional, pasta, daily menu, fast food, desserts and more. The same can be done with Takeaway.com - România, Glovo, foodpanda or PapaGo.

Public transport

Craiova Transport is the app you need if you prefer public transport. The app already knows where you are through your GPS location; you just have to enter your destination, and it will calculate your route options: how long you have to walk to the nearest bus station, what bus / tram you have to take and how long your trip will take. In addition, you can buy, directly from the application, bus tickets of different categories (for a trip, for a full day etc.) or season tickets.

Discover Dolj

One of the most important applications for tourists and not only is, without a doubt, Discover Dolj, which combines the tourist objectives with the modes of transport, with the restaurants, hotels and the most important events that take place in the county, supplementing with articles of recommendations, stories or customs and traditions. If you are a tourist or just a local person, download Discover Dolj and stay up to date with everything that happens at home!

All apps are available in Google Play and the App Store, under the name featured in the article.

Photos: discoverdolj.ro

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