#AutumnHobbies. What should we do to make autumn pass faster?

#AutumnHobbies. What should we do to make autumn pass faster?

Autumn is a perfect season to develop our perhaps unknown skills and to discover new and new universes. Despite the gray and dreary weather, we have solutions at hand to make it better, through our simple perception. We thought we would encourage you to visit bookstores and libraries, where you can get what you need to start a new hobby or explore new written universes. 

And why not start with something made by your own hands? 

Those at the "Elena Farago" Bookstore always have what you need for your passion to benefit from the best "ingredients". From boards to canvases and paints, you'll find them all here! And now that Christmas is approaching, things are getting even more interesting, with all kinds of do-it-yourself projects that will get you and the whole family out of your routine. In addition, the "Elena Farago" Bookstore also has a very chic tea room where many tasteful events take place, so don't hesitate to follow everything on Facebook! 
Librăria "Elena Farago" - facebook

If you are looking for media and multimedia things, know that Cărturesți and Diverta bookstores are at your fingertips for any kind of nice hobbies you might have. From music to movies, to board games and decorative objects, don't hesitate to step on their threshold especially now, when the whole atmosphere is sprinkled with a pre-Christmas joy that makes things even more interesting. Moreover, you can also get inspiration from them for Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Believe us, you are spoiled for choice, especially for music lovers, gadgets and other such wonders. 
Librăria Cărturești - facebook Librăria Diverta - facebook

Of course, in all these places we also find books, which can easily keep us company in a season that is not really on our side. If you prefer to borrow books, the "Alexandru and Aristia Aman" Library is here for you, with a lot of new and old titles, for the mood and, why not, for the right time. We dare, therefore, to contradict the great Victor Hugo a little, who said of books that they are cold but sure friends. We say that they are welcome to warm our souls during this period and beyond. 
Biblioteca „Alexandru și Aristia Aman”- facebook

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