Dianu House, closer to becoming the Museum of the Romanian Book and Exile

Dianu House, closer to becoming the Museum of the Romanian Book and Exile

Casa Dianu, a historical monument dating from 1900 to 1905, is closer day by day to becoming the Museum of the Romanian Book and Exile. The works are in a very advanced stage, so that at the beginning of summer the building will become what it once was: a beautiful house from a bygone era, but which will come to light with the help of specialists, Dolj County Council and County Library "Alexandru and Aristia Aman", who has already taken care to obtain 23 collections of books by Romanian authors in exile.

"During this period, the works are carried out on the first floor of the building, where the ceilings are covered by multiple decorative elements. The stuccos are cleaned, restored and painted. For the gilded elements, the restorers will use 24 K gold foil brought from Italy. In fact, the entire restoration is made with materials in accordance with those that were used in the initial construction, at the beginning of the twentieth century", explained the president of the Dolj County Council, Cosmin Vasile.

Three young people from Craiova, graduates of a master's program in Conservation and Restoration from the Faculty of Orthodox Theology, also participate in the hard work that takes place at Casa Dianu. For them, the experience is unique, and working on such an ambitious project is a step forward in their career. They also helped us to show you some of the work done at the new Museum of Romanian Books and Exile.

Thanks to all the efforts made, from this autumn, Craiova will have arranged this new institution, unique in the world, for which the investment amounts to about 5 million euros, money obtained from European funds.

Located in the central area of ​​the city, Casa Dianu will certainly be part of the tourist circuit of Craiova and, we dare to say, an extremely attractive part and one not to be ignored. We are looking forward to the completion of the works and the opening to the public of the Museum of the Romanian Book and Exile and we leave you, below, a video clip with the works carried out.
Lucrările desfășurate la Casa Dianu

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Photos: Maria Călugăru, facebook.com/Muzeul-C%C4%83r%C8%9Bii-%C8%99i-Exilului-Rom%C3%A2nesc-113090763372316/ 

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