Craiova: "Marin Sorescu" Days, 88 years after the birth of the writer

Craiova: "Marin Sorescu" Days, 88 years after the birth of the writer

The world gave us Marin Sorescu right at our home, and we do what we know best with the legacy left by him!

The "Marin Sorescu" days start on February 27, in Craiova, and until February 29, the date on which the playwright from Dolj was born, you will only have surprises organized by the National Theater in Craiova, which bears the name of the man who charmed us with "La Lilieci".
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Thus, on February 27, in the "I.D. Sîrbu" Hall, you will be able to see "Iona", by Marin Sorescu, a production of the Romanian Playwrights Theatre. The following day, the "Elvira Godeanu" Theater from Târgu Jiu comes to Craiova with "Sus, La Lilieci".

For the end of the days dedicated to Sorescu, the Craiova National invites you to the "Amza Pellea" Hall, on February 29, to the show presented in the national premiere, "Vision of the vision", produced by the "Marin Sorescu" Foundation, whose president is Radu Sorescu, one of the writer's grandchildren.

Tickets for all performances are available here:

At the same time, so as not to forget in writing that it is 88 years since Sorescu's birth, the friends from the "Aman" Library are also hosting, until February 29, a book exhibition with titles signed by the playwright, in the Hall at the ground floor of the institution.

Craiova is closely related to Marin Sorescu and we are sure that he also saw the city differently, which now proudly bears his memory. The great playwright was born in the commune of Bulzești in Dolj, where he spent his childhood and attended primary school. Then, the steps of life led him to Craiova, a city he loved and to which he also dedicated the famous lines:
"Craiova seen from the carriage is the most beautiful city in the world,
I'm still frozen when I think about it, my mouth is watering". 

Not for nothing, in Craiova, he continued to study at the "Buzești Brothers" National College. His memorial house exists in his hometown, where the curious can see and find out what inspired the writer, at least to some extent, in his work, visiting the surroundings, the streets that his steps took, but also the places that gave rise to his works, such as the cemetery in his native commune, "La Lilieci".

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