Craiova Airport, Dolj's gate to the world

Craiova Airport, Dolj's gate to the world

If we didn’t have the possibility to travel, we wouldn’t be able to learn something about every other nation and culture. And we couldn’t welcome here the people who want to learn what Dolj is like. And, like that, we couldn’t meet each other and connect ourselves to other countries.

Craiova International Airport

Dolj is lucky to have, in Craiova, just a few minutes from the city center, a fresh and relaxed airport, with 11 available destinations – one in the summer, from and towards Antalya - the rest being London, Brussels, Paris, Bologna, Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Cologne and Tel Aviv. Hundreds of thousands of passengers fly, annually, from and to Craiova International Airport, which means a spectacular growth in the last years, thanks to the investments made here by the Dolj City Council.

More than being a departure and arrival point for tourists, the airport is a strong point for the region, providing a transport route for those who work or have business here. Connections with important european capitals have been very important for those who came here to work for Ford or for other companies established in Craiova.

Born by the royal decree of Carol the IInd in 1938, the airport is now one of Oltenia’s jewels, serving al five counties of Oltenia and making it easy for people to achieve a very important right: the freedom of movement to wherever they want.

Whether we are talking about jobs or vacations, the airport plays an important role in the life of the people of Dolj, aiming higher and higher with each year that passes. The investments already made here, in the rehabilitation of the airport, in the landing strip and, recently, the extension, upgrade and modernisation that are about to be made are the natural following of a development that has been lasting for years, for the entire population of Dolj and not only.

And why wouldn't it be? In a year like 2019, air transport is increasing, is more accessible and more convenient. And an airport right next to Craiova means, more than anything, comfort.

But it also means something else: with each passenger who arrives or leaves Dolj, a new story starts or ends. And we can only hope that they are one of the most beautiful for every passenger.


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