#CraiovaAdoptsHappiness. What surprises are the furbabies from the Craiova Dog Adoption Center preparing

#CraiovaAdoptsHappiness. What surprises are the furbabies from the Craiova Dog Adoption Center preparing

The Craiova canine adoption center, which manages the activity of the canine shelter in the city, has started to be more and more visible lately. Under the slogan of the "Adopt happiness!" Campaign, stray puppies are already stars all over the city and are waiting for their adopters.

"Our main mission in terms of managing stray dogs is no longer to capture dogs in the public domain and keep the streets safe. The stray dogs in our city have visibly diminished in recent years and the only problems we still face are the lack of sterilization and abandonment. It is time to move on to a new stage, in which we will be actively involved in finding, for every dog ​​raised in the public domain, a suitable owner. We found that our center is not well known in the community and the number of adoptions, especially local ones, has decreased. So Salubritate Craiova, the company that manages the public canine shelter in Craiova, has started an energetic communication campaign to promote the adoptions of furbabies. We will go to absolutely all media and to all areas that are part of our community because in Craiova there were, in 2019, 25,000 dogs registered with an owner and, probably, at least as many unregistered with an owner. So animal lovers are a big community. Animal lovers are also sports fans, they are also people of culture, they are economists, they are civil servants, they are young, they are elder, they are everywhere. We bowed to this reality and drew up a strategy to increase adoptions and the visibility of the shelter", explained Cristina Ghenea, spokesperson of Salubritate Craiova.

The miracle for stray dogs began on International Animal Day, with a successful adoption fair. Later, some of the quadrupeds were presented by the players of the football team Universitatea Craiova, at the beginning of one of the matches. Thus, they became known and were even adopted.

"We designed the 'Adopt Happiness' campaign and started promoting ourselves with an adoption fair right on International Animal Day, which was a real success. The helping hand of the pet shop Halta Cățelu and the pet food manufacturer Purina Pro Plan were also a great contribution, offering kits for each adopted dog at all adoption fairs. Another important part of this campaign is the collaboration with the football club Universitatea Craiova, where we found all the openness. Our puppies entered the field in the arms of the footballers at the Universitatea-Academica Clinceni match on October 18 and won everyone's hearts. One of the puppies found a house right on the evening of the match: before the game started, a little girl simply "stuck" to one of our puppies and did not want to go home without him. And Tedy, a collie mestizo who was the protagonist of a report about the campaign started in Romanian football to promote canine adoptions, also present at the stadium, was adopted by a family from the United Kingdom", Cristina Ghenea also specified.

The furry doggies also went out for coffee, in the city, like any self-respecting puppy, at Tucano Coffee in Craiova, and the surprises will not end here for them, explain the representatives of SC Salubritate Craiova.
Tucano Coffee - facebook

"And because they are very sociable and playful, our puppies were invited to go out for a coffee at Tucano Coffee, to get to know the world. And they really liked it, so we plan to organize more outings with them, if the pandemic and the weather allow. We have many events planned because now, more than ever, we need adoptions. If you want to give a soul a house, all you have to do is come to the Craiova Dog Adoption Center and choose a puppy. It is necessary to have your identity card with you, in order to enter the shelter and to adopt. The center's program is daily, from Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 14.30, and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays between 11.00 and 13.00. The puppies offered for adoption are dewormed, vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized, and the adopters will receive a health card in which the microchip number of the puppy is written”, concluded Cristina Ghenea.

You can follow the activity of the furry babies on Facebook, on the official account of the Canine Adoption Center, which, as you read above, is preparing a lot of surprises. We are also together with this superb initiative and we are glad to know that we live in a city that puts so much value on the souls of those who do not speak.
Centrul de adopții canine Craiova - facebook

Remember that any soul deserves a chance, so adopt, adopt, adopt, whether we are talking about dogs or cats or any other non-speakers who deserve a new chance at life!

Photo: Remus Badea, Craiova Canine Adoption Center, Universitatea Craiova Football Team

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