#InTheirFootsteps. The important personalities of Dolj and their memorial houses

#InTheirFootsteps. The important personalities of Dolj and their memorial houses

It`s the perfect weather to get in the car and follow in the footsteps of personalities who were born or came to Dolj and made important changes or achievements in their fields.

We have some recommendations of places where you can go to get to know something about the important people who chose (or whom life chose) to make our county their "home". 

Elena Farago – Craiova

Right next to the "Alexandru and Aristia Aman" County Library in Craiova is the memorial house of the famous poet of our childhood, Elena Farago. Although she was not born in our city, she settled here after her husband, Francisc Farago, was appointed director of the Popular Bank in the city, and remained here until the end of her life. Known for poems such as "The Gimp Puppy", "The Little Cockroach" or "The Naughty Tomcat", Elena Farago was the director of the "Alexandru and Aristia Aman" Foundation in Craiova for 30 years. Thanks to her, the library's organizational and operating regulations were improved, she also made an important contribution to the filing of books or keeping a correct record of publications on the library shelves. At the same time, her efforts completed the collections of the library in Craiova, through purchases and donations. The memorial house "Elena Farago" hosts books, documents, photographs, letters, furniture and other objects that belonged to the poetess and her family, a total of 396 exhibits. 

Traian Demetrescu – Craiova

Another poet who had a major impact on Romanian literature is Traian Demetrescu. Originally from Craiova, the poet has a memorial house in Craiova, right on the street that bears his name, at number 31, where the "Traian Demetrescu" House of Culture also operates. Family photos, manuscripts and personal objects are kept here and remind the public of the precursor of Romanian symbolism. At only 29 years old, the poet passed away, and although so young, he managed to create and break new ground in our literature. He is buried in the Ungureni Cemetery in Craiova. 
Traian Demetrescu

Adrian Păunescu – Bârca

The roads of life also took Adrian Păunescu to Dolj. He was the poet of the "jeans generation", the one who opened other new horizons in poetry and music, especially through the "Flacăra" Cenacle. Although he was born in Bessarabia, he spent a large part of his childhood and the first primary grades in the commune of Dolj, where his parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were born, Bârca. Let's not forget his love for the football team of Craiova, whose fan and acknowledged poet he was! In the commune of Bârca, therefore, is also a memorial house of the great poet, whose soul was somehow always dedicated to our area. 

Henri Coandă – Perișor

Perișor is the town in Dolj where the inventor and pioneer in aerodynamics, Henri Coandă, spent part of his childhood. Here, his grandfather had land on lease, and little Henri enjoyed his holidays in Perișor. The inhabitants of the commune, wanting to honor his memory, have established a small museum here, which includes exhibits that remind of the first years of his life. At the same time, in front of the building there is a bronze of Henri Coandă, but also an IAR 93 plane, to the realization of which the Romanian scientist contributed. 

Amza Pellea – Băilești

The municipality of Băilești is famous for many things: oily and dry red wine, leek, warm people, but especially for the great actor Amza Pellea. Our dear man from Dolj was born here, he studied here and played on our stages, conquering the whole country with his charisma and talent. In Băilești, there is a memorial house full of the actor's personal items, which will be rehabilitated through the efforts of the Dolj County Council and Oltenia Museum specialists. 

Marin Sorescu – Bulzești

The great playwright Marin Sorescu was born in the Dolj commune of Bulzești, where he spent his childhood and attended primary school. Then, the steps of life led him to Craiova, a city he loved and to which he also dedicated the famous lines:

"Craiova seen from the carriage is the most beautiful city in the world,
I'm still frozen when I think about it, my mouth is watering".

He continued to study at the "Buzești Brothers" National College in Craiova. His memorial house exists in his native commune, where you can see and learn what inspired the writer, at least to some extent, in his work, visiting the surroundings and the streets where his steps took him. 

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