Holiday with activities for the little ones

Holiday with activities for the little ones

It’s free from school for the little ones, now that the summer holidays have come. But what do we fill their time with so that they can play, learn and have fun at the same time? We have been looking for some activities for you to please the children, so that the summer can pass quickly, easily and pleasantly. 😊 

Fun in Summer, at „Aman” Library

The County Library "Alexandru and Aristia Aman" organizes, between July and August 2022, the educational project "Fun in Summer". As in previous years, the project includes free courses and workshops conducted by librarians Mădălina Băileșteanu and Sofia Cercel, coordinators of American Corner Craiova. The activities proposed for July and August will take place physically, at the Aman Library (in the Marin Sorescu room, the Media Library and American Corner department) and are addressed to high school students (grades V-VIII), as follows:

   - Monday: - Movie Club (10.00-11.00)
   - Wednesday: - English Club (10.00-11.00)
   - Thursday: - Spanish Club (10.00-11.00)
   - Friday: - Games Day (10.00-11.00)

Registrations are made between June 14 and 24, between 09.00 and 15.00, within the available places, as follows: in person, at the headquarters of the County Library "Alexandru and Aristia Aman", Media Library and American Corner; by phone, at 0251.532.267, extension 110.

Enrollment is only required for English and Spanish language courses. For activities that include board games and watching movies, it is sufficient for students to show up without registering in advance. 

New reptiles at the Zoo

From last week, all the people of Craiova, but especially the children, will be able to admire, at the Zoo, 18 reptiles of seven different species. They can be seen in the terrarium and they have a length of a few centimeters to about 2 meters, like the iguana. The species come from all over the globe and will surely delight the little ones.

Festival of Light, fascinating for the little ones

The Festival of Light, which will take place on June 25 in the “Nicolae Romanescu” Park (Fanfare Foyer Area), is an artistic event space for young talents, with interactive workshops, acoustic music sessions, improvisational performances, fire jugglers, and more other surprises. The event thus unites ideas, perspectives and people, reminding us of beauty and light in the true sense of the word, inviting us to make the most of our time and to contribute, small and large, to the revitalization of our city, say the organizers.

Hot water swimming lessons

The swimming pool of the Hotel Helin Aeroport Craiova (hot water pool) has been reopened since June 15, so that both children and adults can enjoy the resumption of swimming lessons in this location. The groups are held daily, from 17:00, 18:00 and 19:00, from Monday to Friday, and registrations can be made at the phone number 0745.316.463.

Programming camps by Logiscool Craiova

Logiscool Craiova has prepared for you and your child two unique activities: Logiscool programming camp in Mușetești, between July 11 and 16, at the Natura Tourist Complex, in Mușetești commune, Gorj county, and Logiscool programming camp in Bran, between August 13 and 18, at the Bradul Înalt Pension in Bran, Brașov County.

The camps include 5 nights accommodation in a double/ triple room, with full board (breakfast, lunch, two snacks and dinner), Logiscool digital workshop for 3.5 hours/ day with instructor, at choice, depending on age and preference: Minecraft, Roblox Game Design, Junior Designer, Video Production, YouTube Studio or Artificial Intelligence, indoor and outdoor activities and transport Craiova - Mușetești / Bran.

For more details you can access the Facebook page of Logiscool Craiova. 
Logiscool Craiova - facebook

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