#MovieInDolj. Toma Cuzin brings "Movie in The Village" event, to Cernătești

#MovieInDolj. Toma Cuzin brings "Movie in The Village" event, to Cernătești

The actor Toma Cuzin, known for his roles in productions such as "Las Fierbinți", "Of Men and Snails”, "Aferim!", "Bucharest non stop" or the recently released "Boss", and his NGO Cuzin Toma "If I can, you can too", will bring the arts to the Dolj countryside!

"Movie in The Village" festival will, thus, reach the Dolj commune of Cernătești. Organized by the association mentioned above, and supported by the Dolj County Council, the Cernătești Local Council and the Cernătești Town Hall, the festival aims to bring culture and art closer to the countryside and will transform our Cernăteşti into an open-air cinema and more.

Everything will take place between August 25th and 27th, in the area of Cernătești Kula, recently restored and ready to be part of this event. During the three days of the festival, while the sun is up, children and young people from the area are expected at art and personal development workshops, and after sunset, live concerts and screenings of Romanian films will surely captivate the public.

The "Movie in The Village " festival had a great success in the previous editions, being considered a more than welcome initiative in terms of access to culture in the rural environment. Moreover, we are not only talking about bringing culture closer to the places where it is harder to reach, but also about capitalizing, promoting and getting to know lesser-known areas of the country, all blessed with a special beauty.

We believe that when these elements come together, the result is spectacular, magical and unique in its own way. If you want to know more about "Movie in The Village ", we invite you to visit their official website, where you can also make donations, in support of the association, for the continuation of this project.

Keep an eye on the event's official Facebook page, as well as the official website, to discover the program and everything that's going to happen.
Film in Sat - facebook FILM ÎN SAT - EDIȚIA 2023 DE LA CERNĂTEȘTI

See you on August 25 in Cernăteşti! ❤️

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