#StayFit. Movement for a healthy life, within our reach!

#StayFit. Movement for a healthy life, within our reach!

The fact that the holiday break is over and we need an energy boost to get our metabolism going is not the only reason why it would be good to move and enjoy all the benefits of sports. We have some suggestions for activities that you can do to relax your body and mind in the county, at any time, through solutions available to everyone.

Run, run, run!

The parks in the county, but also those in Craiova, such as the wonderful "Nicolae Romanescu" Park, the Youth Park, or the Botanical Garden, which has a special tartan track for runners, await you with open doors to enjoy them to the fullest! Check here to see the list of parks and gardens in the county and choose a detox cure in the nature of the cities!

Swimming for harmonious development

Summer isn't here yet, but we have plenty of indoor pools to enjoy in Craiova! The Waterpark, the Ramada Plaza pool, the Plus Aqua pool and many others are the ideal places for a round of swimming and putting all your muscles in motion. Plus, you can top it all off with a few minutes of sauna for a complete cure!
Piscine Piscina Ramada

Shall we go to the gym?

"I’ll start gym on Monday" doesn't have to remain just a saying! You can start today, and you have a lot of fitness and strength gyms to choose from, in any part of Craiova. You have some suggestions from us:
Squad fitness - facebook GORILLA GYM - facebook Stay Fit Gym (Stay Fit Mercur Craiova) - facebook Stay Fit Gym (Stay Fit Promenada Craiova) - facebook

Walks through the wild nature of the county

Often, we don't need anything else to restore our tone other than a walk in the spectacular nature of Dolj County. We have a lot of places with the potential to walk, to put the body to the test of endurance, and the beautiful landscapes that we have here in our area come to complete a real recharge of the batteries. You have, on our website, a rich list of tourist attractions, but also of protected areas that you can enjoy at any time!
Plimbari in natura

Yoga for body and soul

Last but not least, we believe that a yoga session, with specialists in the field, can enrich you both physically and mentally, because we all know how relaxing the effects of this type of movement are, which is more of a discipline than a sport. Namaste!
Harmony Wellness Center

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