#HolidaysInAPlate. Specialty restaurants that you must try!

#HolidaysInAPlate. Specialty restaurants that you must try!

When travelling is not an option and time is rather against us, experiencing a new gastronomic culture or a new culinary concept remain the only options to go "on vacation". We may not be able to fly, but we are lucky enough to be able to tell you about some "flying" plates options across borders or, on the contrary, that bring us closer to the taste of home, in Craiova. What's more charming is that everything happens right here, near us.

Big Ben

Wonderful setting and dishes await you at Big Ben, where you will discover the perfect blend of classic and modern, both on your plate and in the decor. Recalling, through its name, the imposing clock tower of London, Big Ben means international cuisine, brought home, to Craiova, to the highest standards.
BIG BEN - facebook

Vatra Romană

If you are looking for an authentic Romanian experience, then Vatra Romană is the place you need! Whether you want to eat here, stay here or organize a special event in your life, the team at Vatra Romană is at your disposal with top dishes and services.
Vatra Romană - facebook vatraromana.ro

! Bonus – We also have a Vatra Romană in Craiova, where we find a combination of dishes from all cuisines, in a fantastic setting, characteristic of an old, antique house!
Vatra Romană Craiova


Iberian cuisine finds its place in Craiova, in the restaurant located in the Historic Center, named, naturally, Iberico. Dishes such as fajitas, quesadillas or seafood go perfectly with the influential desserts, and everything is complemented by the uniqueness of the location, a superb restored house.
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We like lunch and dinner, but we also really like breakfast. And how would it be to have a place where we can always eat the first meal of the day? Well, at Nolla we find all kinds of goodies for those who prefer this option or brunch. From pancakes to croissants, from oatmeal or delicious omelettes, to granola or even soups, we're sure you'll find something you'll like on their elaborate menu!
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ACSA is a special place, we could even call it unique by the fusion of elements that it combines, both in the kitchen and in terms of the atmosphere and the drinks served. So, if you are looking for an intimate place, but still want to be connected to fun and modern trends, the people at ACSA are waiting for you for a complete experience! Don't forget the ACSA Inn, located right above the restaurant, for a dream stay in a special place!
ACSA - facebook Acsa INN - facebook

Trattoria Trevi

Mamma mia, mio Dio, così buono! This is what we could say about all the dishes at Pizzeria Trevi, a reference place for Italian delicacies, with special and extra-quality ingredients, served with care and passion for one of the world's most famous cuisines! If the words "pizza", "pasta", "bruschetti" or "burrata" take up a lot of space in your language, then Trevi is the ideal choice for you!
Pizzeria Trevi - facebook www.pizzatrevi.ro

Taverna to Petrino

We know well that vacations don't last forever, but we know a place where sunny Greece is present all year round! Taverna to Petrino is the Greek restaurant where you can find your favourite products, brought directly from the land of the gods, complemented by the atmosphere and the universe that the team managed to build here.
Taverna to Petrino - facebook tavernatopetrino.ro

So fall in love with new flavours and sensations, right here at home. The appetite is woken up, and the options are vast and versatile, both on the website www.discoverdolj.ro and in the Discover Dolj app!

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