Self-isolation, simplified. What to do when you don’t know what to do anymore

Self-isolation, simplified. What to do when you don’t know what to do anymore

Frequently, self-isolation at home has given us and continues to give us the impression that all the days are the same. Moreover, the routine that we complain about during this period is a good thing, the specialists saying that it is better to make a concrete program to respect, from daily making our bed to eating at fixed times, ending the evening, for example, with watching a movie or a recorded a concert. But, of course, we can insert various activities into our routine, so that it’s easier to bear.

Here's what you can do with the help of online resources and beyond, so that time passes faster and more productively.

Cleaning the wardrobe

You may have waited some months to get that wardrobe clean, but you didn't get the time and energy to do that. These days are practically made for such an activity. And after you select and separate the clothes you no longer wear, you can donate them to those who really need them. You have two suggestions from us: Life Is Better With Friends Association or Vasiliada Association. They will make sure that the clothes will get exactly where they are needed.

Vasiliada Association Life is Better with Friends

Learn how to prepare your favourite drinks

If you miss your favorite bars and pubs, know that there are enough people in the world who have thought about teaching you how to prepare the drinks you miss so much. We are not alone in this situation, so the world has mobilized and adapted. For example, the Common Man Cocktails YouTube channel has a simple approach, as the name suggests, and teaches you the tricks of making the cocktails that you miss. With jokes as ingredients of the recipes, the guys at Common Man Cocktails are guaranteed to captivate you.

Common Man Cocktails

Cook, cook, cook!

Sure, you can still order food from your favorite restaurants - those that are still open - or buy semi-prepared foods, but with so much free time available, it would be a shame not to try spending more hours in the kitchen. A beautiful online cooking channel is Grandpa Kitchen, owned by an old Indian man that has been cooking for its followers until the age of 73. Now, however, his help continue his work as a cook. Do not expect modern things, but classic cooking using open fire, industrial quantities of food (cooked food goes to orphan children), some Indian recipes, but also western recipes that are adapted and simple. Of course, you can also get in touch with the more modern cooking, on the channels of the famous Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay, who know and even want to cook family dishes, which you can easily make at home. Who knows, maybe some of us will discover new careers.

Grandpa Kitchen Gordon Ramsay Jamie Oliver

Yoga at home, for body and soul

Fortunately, besides the classical sports we practices at gyms, besides the treadmills, bicycles and other items, there is another sport that we can practice in the privacy of our home: yoga. It will not only bring us a more relaxed and slim body, but also a visibly better mental state. Yoga Dose has created a 30 day challenge for those who want to try this sport too, starting from the simplest things and ending with the most complicated ones. You can try their first two "courses" here, and you will definitely feel better. You can find the rest on YouTube Yoga Dose. Bonus, Oana Dochioiu, a Yoga teacher and nutritionist, is also waiting for you with some relaxing sessions, also on YouTube.

Yoga Dose Day 1 Yoga Dose Day 2 Oana Dochioiu

Make your vacation plans

Nobody says you can't dream of your dream vacation while you stay home. And maybe you won't be ready to go to other countries or you won't be allowed to. But you will always have the holidays in Dolj. Embrace our suggestions from Discover Dolj and get acquainted, when it’s time to leave the house, with cellars, vineyards, protected areas, museums and beautiful places in our county. You can find them here:

Tourist Routes

Learn a foreign language

If we're talking about holidays abroad, it might not hurt to start learning the language you wanted to know, but you didn't have time until now. No biggie! We have found for you interactive online courses, fun, simple and explained in a way that will make you stay glued to them all day long.

English German Italian Spanish French

Remember to call your relatives with the classic video calling apps, Facebook and WhatsApp, but also with the Zoom app (available in Google Play or App Store), which is gaining more and more popularity during this period. No one said that you can't have dinner with your loved ones, drink a glass or have a conversation in a foreign language. It’s just that, for the moment, you can do this only from a distance!


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