#TouristicDolj. The "Alexandru Macedonski" Memorial House in Goiești will be rehabilitated!

#TouristicDolj. The "Alexandru Macedonski" Memorial House in Goiești will be rehabilitated!

The "Alexandru Macedonski" Memorial House in the Goiești commune of Dolj, where the father of Romanian symbolism spent a large part of his childhood, will be saved, restored and transformed into a museum, thanks to the efforts of the Dolj County Council.

The county authority will access government funds dedicated to memorial houses to restore the building, otherwise a historical monument, that later will become a section of the Oltenia Museum and introduced into the tourist circuit of our county.

"We are taking the first steps to save the memorial house of the poet and playwright Alexandru Macedonski. We want to include the historical monument in Goiești commune among the buildings rehabilitated and enhanced by the county administration", said the president of the Dolj County Council, Cosmin Vasile.

The house where the great writer grew up is located in the village of Popeasa, one of the 13 villages of the Goiești commune, and dates back to 1821. Although in an advanced state of decay, the county authorities propose to take over the house and the land, to restore and arrange according to the original plans, to then return them to the general public. Furthermore, the villages of Goiești from Macedonski’s childhood were also a source of inspiration for the writer.

Thus, the "Alexandru Macedonski" Memorial House is to join the suite of buildings of county and national importance, taken over by the Dolj County Council, restored and returned to the communities they belong to: Cula Izvoranu-Geblescu, from the commune of Brabova, Cula Cernăteștilor, from the commune Cernătești and the "Amza Pellea" Memorial House, from Băilești municipality, recently inaugurated.
Cula Izvoranu Geblescu - Brabova Dolj - Muzeul Olteniei - facebook Cula Cernăteștilor - Muzeul Olteniei - facebook Casa Memorială Amza Pellea (Muzeul Olteniei Craiova) - facebook

All these buildings of immense cultural value already constitute a whole tourist circuit that visitors from our county, as well as those who live in Dolj, can go through. Full of stories, history and the scent of past eras, they have their own identity that best shows the way we are here, at home.

We look forward to the start of the project in Goiești! In the meantime, come to Dolj and get to know us, with all that we have to offer. We are waiting for you!

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