#MinivacationPlans. What to do in Dolj around Easter

#MinivacationPlans. What to do in Dolj around Easter

Many of us are waiting for a few days off in which we will be able to enjoy the time we can spend as we wish to the maximum. Family meals, seeing loved ones on the occasion of Easter are wonderful occasions to recharge our batteries and relax.

We added some things to do and see in the county, if you still feel the need to get out of the usual scenario, for a walk, a picnic in nature or, why not, for a sun bath. 

A tour of the towers of Dolj

Cernăteștilor and Izvoranu-Geblescu towers, from Cernătești and Brabova communes, are waiting for you to visit them and learn their story. Located in a specific natural setting, on the hills, having been built in the past for their utility as observation points, we are sure that they will delight you with their vintage fragrance and their extraordinary history.

A sunbath on the banks of the Danube

Even if they are not officially open, that doesn't stop you from getting in your car and enjoying the sun on the beaches on the banks of the Danube. At Cetate, at Maglavit, at Calafat or in other places hidden from the urban noise you can escape for a few hours to be able to enjoy the sun and the temperatures that seem to be with us during this period.

Reconnecting in the shade of the trees

The forests near the banks of the Danube, as well as other such spectacular locations in the county, can also provide you with a suitable context for an escape in the nature or for a picnic at the shade of the trees. A nap is also recommended there, in the middle of a peace that we hardly find in the city!

Places arranged for a nice time spent

For those who prefer an organized setting, but still in nature, our luck is that we also have places arranged like this in our county. A Corner of Heaven in Bulzești, Păpădia Village in Perișor, La Ciupagi in Ciupercenii Vechi are just some of the places where you can enjoy a barbecue, a boat ride, or goodies prepared with care and love from local ingredients.

Fishermen, prepare your fishing rods!

Also in Dolj, those who love fishing and everything that it involves have at their disposal several ponds and lakes where they can practice this sport. Lake Țuglui, Balta Teslui, Balta lui Păstorel, Balta Cornu or Balta Dobrești are waiting for you to stretch your legs and feel good in the open air.

We hope you like our suggestions, and don't forget, on Resurrection Night, it is well worth a visit to the Metropolitan Cathedral "St. Dumitru" from Craiova, for a special service and a unique and uplifting Easter setting! We wish you peaceful days!

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