#TheSeasideInDolj. Sun, water and beach, at home, in the county

#TheSeasideInDolj. Sun, water and beach, at home, in the county

The distance between our county and the places in Romania with access to the Black Sea is quite large. But that shouldn't stop us from making some perfect days, just the way we want them, right next to us. There are places, in Dolj, where we can go like on the seaside, enjoying the sun, the beach and the water.

The sunny beaches on the banks of the Danube are ready for you, to spend relaxing moments here, in a setting specific to the towns in the south of the county. Here are our suggestions: 

Sunny Beach Bașcov – Calafat

Bașcov Beach in the city of Calafat is one of the places we thought about, considering that the town is an important river port on the Danube, and the people of the area took full advantage of this asset. Sunny Beach Bașcov is laid out like a beach by the sea, and here you can fully enjoy everything that summer means. We challenge you to extend your stay in Calafat with a visit to Marincu Palace - Calafat Museum of Art and Ethnography and, in general, with a walk around the whole town, which is worth every second!
Sunny Beach Başcov - facebook

Maglavit Beach

In a more natural setting, close to greenery, but still next to our beautiful Danube, is Maglavit Beach. A more secluded and perhaps lesser-known oasis of calm, the location can provide just the getaway you need to calm down and cool off. If you still end up in the area, do not hesitate to visit the Maglavit Monastery, whose construction began in the 30s, but which could really enjoy its status only after 1990.
Plaja Maglavit

Cetate Beach

Cetate Beach is known to those in the area thanks to its extent, with fine sand lying in the sun's rays, but also with the protection of the forest, located right next to it. A day at the beach at Cetate would not be complete without taking a look at the "Barbu Drugă" Mansion, also in the port village, an impressive construction made in the Gothic and Baroque styles. You can also walk along the banks of the Danube to admire the view or, why not, have a relaxing picnic in the shade of the trees in the area.

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