Craiova Easter Fair, open in a few days! "Romanescu" Park, full of surprises

Craiova Easter Fair, open in a few days! "Romanescu" Park, full of surprises

Only a few days separate us from the start of the Craiova Easter Fair, which once again takes over the magical "Nicolae Romanescu" Park in the city. Surely, a visit from April 19 to May 12 to us in town, at this fair and beyond, will give you a unique experience!

Held, this year, with the theme "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", the Easter Fair awaits you with unique houses specially prepared for this occasion, in a dreamy setting, for both children and adults, because it's never too late to dream and be happy!

Those who will choose to spend a day in the Easter Fair will have at their disposal a variety of interactive workshops, exhibitions and shows, will be able to participate in various competitions (chess, Easter Egg Hunt, etc.) or will witness the activities of traveling craftsmen who will stop in the Knights' Camp, located near the Enchanted Castle, between May 1-8.

The park, open until midnight during the fair

For lovers of thrills, a roller coaster and a giant wheel were placed in the "Romanescu" Park, offering not only adrenaline, but also a superb panorama of the park and the city. At the same time, you have at your disposal the electric carts, boats for walks on the lake, all of which are complemented by the tens of thousands of daffodils, hyacinths and tulips that litter the entire park.

The kiosks with culinary delights, beverages and handmade products from the gazebo and the playground area will be open every day, between 11.00 and 20.00, and the "Nicolae Romanescu" Park, more blooming than ever, will remain open every evening, until midnight.

Last but not least, visitors to the fair will also be able to experience the religious scene of the Resurrection, created in collaboration with the Oltenia Metropolitan Church.

The Tourist Bus, again on the route

For those who don't want to worry about parking for their personal car, but also for visitors who want to take a tour of the most beautiful cultural-tourist attractions in Craiova, RAT Craiova has also made available, during this period, the Tourist Bus.

The double-decker bus, for which you can buy a ticket directly from the inside, will run between 10.00 and 20.00, with fixed departures from the Polyvalent Hall and will go along the route Botanical Garden - Schmidt station, Administrative Palace - English Park station, the former House of Marriages - str. C.D. Fortunescu, "Nicolae Romanescu" Park.

Together, we will have a wonderful spring and a truly magical Easter! Come to Craiova, to really get to know us!

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