Dolj County Council, closer to the people of Dolj with their new online services

Dolj County Council, closer to the people of Dolj with their new online services

Dolj County Council recently launched the portal of electronic services destinated to the use of citizens, who won't need to come to the headquarters of the institution in order to get their needed documents.

The people of Dolj can upload and obtain, online, various documents, from papers in the archive of the institution to urbanism certificates. Moreover, people will be able to obtain, soon, authorisations for building. The portal is made for the people of Dolj who live here, but also for the ones who are abroad, therefore avoiding unnecessary trips to solve their problems, especially in the pandemic context.

The portal is active in five foreign languages and can also be used by people with disabilities.

Through this platform, people of Dolj can also give their opinion on how the county money is being spent, through the participating budgeting option.

"Furthermore, we give the county people a system to collect proposals and voting projects that the administration proposes, but also voting the ones that come from themselves. This way, we will have an online consultation for every major project or even for the budget of our county. (...) We are among the first institutions in the country, both by the number of documents that we will release online and by the direct access that people will have to the information they need. This is just the beginning, because all the institutions that function under Dolj County Council will go through this digitalising process", mentioned the president of Dolj County Council, Cosmin Vasile.

Through the platform, interested citizens can request, obtain or submit the following documents:
  • town planning certificates
  • approvals for urbanism certificates
  • notification regarding the start of construction/ demolition works
  • notification regarding the completion of construction/ demolition works
  • request for issuing urban planning documents from the archive (duplicates)
  • extensions of the validity of urbanism certificates
  • extensions of the validity of building / demolition permits
  • request for cessation of works
  • notices of opportunity
  • approvals on urban planning documents
  • construction building certificate
  • prior agreement for the execution of works in the area of county roads. 

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